Frame & Fortune

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I have an obsession with cute & funky frames.  Whether eyeglasses or sunglasses I love to purchase frames that make a statement.  I’m often asked where I purchase my frames from and who they are by.  Today I’m going to showcase my favorites.

When it comes to sunglasses, I try my best not to break the bank.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve purchased shades from designers like Burberry and Gucci but… I never have good luck with them because I’ve either broken them or lost them.  Its a heartbreaking feeling to spend an excessive amount on something and lose or damage it.  For some strange reason, none of my $10 shades have been lost or broken so…  I think I’ll stick with inexpensive shades.

Circa 2011… I bought these Gucci Shades from the Neiman Marcus outlet… They broke when I dropped them on my sofa… No more designer shades for me!

For my sunglasses, I really just purchase them from anywhere that has a good deal.  I’ve gotten shades from the thrift store (The Buffalo Exchange is my favorite).  I’ve also gotten sunglasses from some pretty weird places… my favorite pair of aviators actually came from a liquor store and they were free!

My favorite stores to snag shades from are:

Here are a few of my favorite inexpensive shades:

The Buffalo Exchange (Wash, DC Location) $10
Sunglass Spot $5


Sunglass Spot $5


ZeroUV $10

Akira $15
The Buffalo Exchange $10


Eyeglasses are a little different for me, while I do shop on websites like Zenni (blog post here) or Warby Parker to get discounted frames, I also like to take full advantage of my vision insurance to get eyewear I normally wouldn’t buy for myself.

Here are a few of my favorites

Brand/Store: See Eyewear $339 – Washington, DC Location  (Purchased through vision insurance)
                  Brand: Chanel $400 – Store: My Eye Dr. Arlington, VA location                                              (Purchased through vision insurance)


Zenni $11


If you all have any suggestions on trendy and inexpensive eyewear stores, I’d love to hear about them!  I’m always looking for a cool new place to shop.

Until next time…