The Truth About Beauty Sleep


  One major key in skin care and getting rid of puffy eyes is getting the right amount of sleep.  When we sleep, its like our body is pressing the reset button.  In order for your body to properly reset itself, its recommended that we get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night…  Seems impossible, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle like me.  Unfortunately, getting less than the suggested amount of sleep can take a toll on your appearance. Now, you can understand why its referred to as “beauty sleep”

There are many benefits to getting beauty rest:

  • Skin Renewal – Sleep gives our skin cells time to renew.  Every night when we are asleep, our  cells renew and rebuild.  Have you ever noticed how overnight pimples tend to come to a head?  This is due to cell renewal which allows our skin to push out toxins and assists with maintaining a clear complexion
  • Complexion – Sleep allows the body to boost blood flow.  This allows the skin to obtain a healthy glow.  The less sleep we get, the more likely we are to experience dull and lifeless skin
  • Healthier hair – Speaking of blood flow, it also plays a vital role in our hair. When we haven’t had enough sleep, our blood flow decreases. Hair obtains vitamins, minerals and nutrients from blood flow.  It’s almost like food for our hair.  The less food our hair gets, it is more likely to weaken making it extremely difficult for it to grow
  • Bright Eyes – Dull and puffy eyes can be attributed to many things, lack of sleep is one of them.  It’s pretty obvious that sleep allows our eyes to rest.  We are constantly blinking and straining our eyes, so it’s no wonder that they become puffy due to lack of rest.  It is also important to stay hydrated and sleep with an extra pillow for elevation which assists with reducing swelling.

Beauty sleep isn’t just some urban myth passed on from generation to generation.  Sleep is really much needed and is vital in our appearance.  For me, when I don’t get enough sleep my skin suffers majorly. How does lack of sleep affect your appearance?

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My Instagram Addiction

A few weeks a go I let you all in on who I love in the YouTube Vlogging world.  So today, I figured I’d hip you all  to who I love on Instagram.

Like many, I too have been bitten by the Instagram bug.  Instagram is actually a big part of why I started blogging.  @myproductaddiction was born on Instagram just six months ago.  I literally stalk IG all day.  I start my day by thanking God for another day and then begin scrolling through instagram to see what I missed.  I love the fact that you can get an inside look of the latest fashion trends, makeup, beauty products and celebrity lives.

If I’m ever in a fashion rut and don’t know what to wear to work, I just open Instagram and look up hashtags like #businesscasual #workwear and #ootd to get inspiration for my next look.

So here are my  favorite Instagram pages:

I first found @mayasworld also known as Shameless Maya on YouTube after watching one of Raven Elyse’s weekly Vlogs.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked.  She started her channel as an experiment about promoting yourself on Social Media and has been running her channel ever since.  Her style is so cute and I love that she’s not afraid to cry on camera. She really inspires me to step out on faith and understand that everything will always work out.  One of the best videos I watched from her that left me in tears is her “I’m Coming Out” video where she explains her decision to wait for the right man.  Something I’m doing myself.

Her style is EVERYTHING! I just love the fact that you never know what she’s going to do with her hair. She’s always in the know of the latest styles, trends and up and coming designers. If I had to pick two people to steal clothing from it would be her and Solange. She has an awesome blog that has all the happenings when it comes to celebrities and their style.  Get into her!
My favorite cast member from season 3 of LA Hair and barber to the stars.  Child this lady right here gives me LIFE! She really has a rags to riches kind of story and never ever forgets where she came from.  I love her style and her tell it like it is attitude.  I can’t wait to read her book and to see her spin off show! 
My style is eclectic.  I like to be chic and ever now and then I like to be a little bit edgy.  That pretty much describes Mara Ferreira’s style.  I freaking love her and she’s also the write of one of my favorite blogs.  Her outfits are always super cute and chic/edgy and she posts some of the most amazing recipes that get me to step out of my comfor zone when it comes to cooking.  She’s a fellow foodie, so I love when she takes trips and tells about all the awesome places she and her husband eat while traveling.  One of the things that love most about her is the fact that she was a law student and decided she hated it and turned to fashion!  Seems like its paying off pretty well for her. 
This man here… Ok he’s defnitely on his way to become one of the BEST stylists ever!  And i’m not just saying that because he’s one of my closest friends.  Duarte’s style is unmatchable and unforgettable. I always wonder how he knows what piece will work with what.  He’s not afraid to tell you how he feels about your outfit whether it be good or bad, but trust he will have you slayed to the GAWDS!  If you’re having trouble with your style, you need him in your life.

This is pretty much me in about 50 years.  She’s not afraid to be her, and by her I mean a bad BISH!  She’s just too cute and she has not let her age get in the way of her having a good time.  That’s my kind of lady.

Ok i’m going to stop here because I KNOW i would get beside myself and have abotu 30 more pages for your to follow. 

Good Night Lovies… Until next time