Essential Items in My Daily Routine

Essential Items in My Daily Routine

I love discovering new products, but there are just some items that are a staple for me.  While I don't always buy the same brands of these items, I do like to keep them in my routine. Cleansing Oil If you've tried one cleansing oil, you've tried them all.  I love using cleansing oil to [...]

Shop Your Closet Challenge: Six Months and Still Going

This is my closet... Actually this is just one side of my closet. The other side is pretty full too.  I actually don't have enough room for all of my items to fit in my closet.  For years and years I have been obsessed with fashion and shopping.  My obsession with fashion is so bad that [...]

Shea Shea Bakery

One of the things I love about Instagram is that it puts you in contact with so many different businesses and products.  Each time I scroll through my timeline I always have to make a list of the products I've seen and desperately want to try.For me, my addiction to products stems from being a [...]