U by Kotex Alternatives

U by Kotex Alternatives

Recently, it was announced that U by Kotex recalled certain tampons due to reports of them unraveling inside the body.

If U by Kotex is your preferred brand of tampons, you may be on the hunt for a replacement.   Here is a list of alternative tampons that are healthier and more reliable than conventional tampons.


3sifbxr66dyfylgyaqiq.jpgCora is a brand of organic feminine care products.  Cora products are made from cotton that is free from genetically modified seeds and pesticides.   The Cora brand believes that feminine care products should be healthy for consumers, farmers, and the environment.   For every Cora product purchased, they send feminine care products and provide health education to women in need.

Cora believes that feminine hygiene products are a necessity and not a luxury, so they pay all sales taxes on their products and continue to advocate for tax free feminine care products.

If you purchase a Cora subscription online, you can customize your box based on the length and flow of your period.

Price: $6 – $34
Products Available:  
Pads, Tampons and Bladder Pads
Where to Purchase:
Target and the Cora website

I remember when I first heard Vicky Logan talk about the Lola tampon subscription service.  I thought she was just being super extra, until I did my research on the chemicals found in conventional feminine care products.

Lola is another brand of feminine care products that can be purchased as a part of a subscription.   The Lola brand has dedicated their mission to producing trusted products that are free from synthetic fibers, additives, and mystery ingredients.  Lola has you covered, whether you’re looking to improve your sexual health, sooth the effects of menopause, or improve your menstrual health.

Price: $8 – $34
Products Available:  Tampons, Pads, Liners, Daily Supplements, Essential Oils, condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes.
Where to Purchase:  Lola Website



If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love the products from L.  L. products are free from pesticides, rayon, fragrances, deodorants, or dyes and it says so right on their packaging!

L. is dedicated to making health products accessible to women around the world that are in need. For every L. product purchased, feminine hygiene and sexual health products are provided to women in lesser serviced countries.
Products Available:
Pads, Tampons, Liners, and Condoms
Where to Purchase:
Target, CVS, and This is L. website

My hope is that this recent scare with U by Kotex, will encourage women around the world to pay more attention to the products they use for their feminine care.  Take a minute to do your research on conventional feminine hygiene products and make the switch to non-toxic products today!


Healthy Lady Parts

Healthy Lady Parts

femme care.PNG


We’ve all had our fair share issues with our vaginas… yeast infections, bacterial infections, heavy  and painful periods… you name it… we’ve been there!

I struggled for years with my vaginal health…  I had no idea that many of the products I was using on my body and my diet were affecting my vaginal health.  Are you struggling with your vaginal health or looking for ways to improve it? Then keep reading!

Take Probiotics

Probiotics are vital when it comes to vaginal health.  I guess I should explain what a probiotic is before I go further.  Probitics are a healthy form of bacteria that produces lactic acid and helps reduce and discourage the growth of bad bacteria.   Probiotics play a major role in our health, by enabling the body to fight off infection.  Taking probiotics can aid in the treatment of Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis.

When it comes to oral capsules, I take the probiotic by Renew Life… its the only vegan probiotic capsule I’ve been able to find in my local stores.

I also drink kombucha regularly.  Kombucha is loaded with natural bacteria that aid in boosting our immunity and improving our overall health.

You can also eat yogurt, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, sourdough, dark chocolate and a ton of other foods that are loaded with probiotics.

Recommended Products

Ultimate Flora Women’s Care
Health-Ade California Grape  Kombucha 

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Speaking of food, there are a lot of foods that will improve and maintain vaginal health.  Here are some of my favorites:

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A.  Vitamin A aids in maintaining healthy vaginal and uterine walls and helps produce the hormones we need that allow us to stay energized.


Avocados have many health benefits, but one of them is that they can help you stay naturally lubricated down there, and it can enhance your estrogen levels.   Avocados are rich in vitamin B-6 and potassium which have positive effects on your libido.  For women that struggle with fertility and are undergoing IVF treatments, avocado may increase your success due to its unsaturated fats!

Cranberry Juice

Its packed with acid compounds that ward off unwanted and unneeded bacteria.  Cranberry juice is known for helping prevent and relieve the pain of urinary tract infections.  Skip the Ocean Spray and go with all natural no sugar added cranberry juice to take full advantage of its benefits.

Fresh Fruits and Well… Eating Plant Based in General

I can honestly say that since I switched to a plant based diet my menstrual cycles are much more manageable.  I experience very little cramping and my cycles went from 7 days to just about 3 days.  I can definitely tell when I haven’t been eating the way I should, because I experience numerous issues including terrible cramps.

Sugar and Alcohol

While there are foods that you should definitely ensure you are eating, there are also a few that you should avoid to make sure you are as healthy as possible.   If you are prone to yeast infections avoid foods that encourage yeast to grow like excessive sugar and alcohol.

Use Organic Feminine Care Products

It’s no secret how I feel about organic feminine care products. But I wasn’t always an advocate for organic feminine care products.   I remember how crazy I thought Vicky Logan was when she mentioned using organic tampons…  I thought… she is SO EXTRA!!!  But then, I did my research.  Now, I am willing to spend more and travel far for organic products that will improve and maintain my vaginal health.  So here is the tea… most conventional feminine care products contain:

  • Rayon
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Latex
  • Dyes
  • Chemical Additives
  • Plastic Materials

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) many of the chemicals that are found in conventional feminine care products contain glyphostate which some studies suggest is linked to non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  Why on earth would you want any of that near your vagina?

For me, switching the products I use completely changed the game when it came to my menstrual cycle.  I bleed a lot less heavy now and I  have not had a bacterial infection or yeast infection in 3 years.  I was getting them monthly and had no idea that it was coming from the types of products I was using.

Recommended Products:

This is L Ethical Personal Care Products
NatraCare Feminine Care Products 

Read the Labels

Many of the feminine care products on the market are filled with chemicals that can lead to health issues.  Many health issues that come along with using toxic products have nothing to do with the vagina.  Check out the Chem Fatale Report from Women Voices and see how many of the products being used are known to cause endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, asthma, and even cancer.


Get Rid of Washcloths

Washcloths hold bacteria, and its best to keep bacteria as far away from the vagina as possible.  Instead, buy a detachable shower that has an array of settings. This type of shower head will allow you to get to the parts of your body a regular shower head can’t reach. With a little warm water and if you desire an organic feminine wash, you won’t need to use a washcloth to keep your lady parts fresh.

Recommended Products:


Keep That Yearly Appointment

You should be on a first name basis with your OB/GYN or any other doctor you may see.  Its crucial to your health always know whats going on with your vaginal health and your health in general.  Sometimes there may be something going on that you are not even aware of.   About ten years ago I went to the doctor to see what was going on with my menstrual cramps, I was getting them really low in my pelvic area and it felt different than usual.  Turns out, I had a cyst on one of my ovaries.   If I had just brushed it off as regular cramps who knows what it could have developed into.

Take the time to make your annual appointment, tell your doctor everything that’s going on with you.  Don’t be afraid to be candid with them… trust me you’re not the first person they’ve talked to that is experiencing the same symptoms or issues that you are.


Vaginal health is a huge part of our health so its very important that we take care of it.  What are you doing to keep your lady parts happy and healthy?



How I Cope With Anxiety at Bedtime

How I Cope With Anxiety at Bedtime

I am one of the 40 million Americans that suffer with anxiety.  For me, I describe my anxiety as a little monster in my head that feeds me a bunch of lies and makes me overthink every little situation and make up false scenarios in my mind.  It sounds small, but anxiety can be crippling and in 2013 I was put on bed rest because of it.

When I was first diagnosed with anxiety it was in 2013 and the cause of it was the stress from a job I had.  Almost everyone in my office was popping Xanax like it was candy.  After a few years I decided it was time to stop taking Xanax and find a way to cope with my anxiety and keep it at bay.

My anxiety creeps up on me at night and keeps me from being able to sleep.  So when I find myself experiencing anxiety before bed I have several tactics I use to cope.



Many times when I’m anxious before whether it be day or night  I’ll go into prayer and ask God to help sooth my anxious thoughts and keep my mind clear. I’ll also pull my bible out  for a little extra encouragement.  One of my favorite verses for anxiety is Psalm 94:19.  For those that do not pray or believe in prayer you can try guided meditations they are extremely effective and can be found on YouTube

Yoga for Anxiety

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.51.41 PM.png
It’s no secret that I love yoga.  One of my favorite YouTubers Yoga with Adrienne has a yoga practice for just about anything.  I like to do her quick 20 minute Yoga for Anxiety video right before bed.  The stretches and poses really help calm and soothe my mind and nerves.

Essential Oils
There several essential oils that are good for helping calm anxiety.  My favorite is lavender.  I like to add a few drops of lavender oil to boiling water and let the scent drift through my home.  I often do this while i’m doing my anxiety yoga routine.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.42.15 PM.png
One of my really good girlfriends suggested that I try melatonin back in August.  I was having really bad anxiety and had convinced myself I was going to be fired from my job I even went so far as to come into work the next day with a box to pack up all of my stuff.  This particular anxiety incident kept me from sleeping for almost three days.  I took my friend up on her advice and got some melatonin.  Melatonin basically sends the body a signal and lets it know its time to prepare for sleep.   Now, I take it anytime my mind is racing and I know I need to sleep… it works like a charm!

Binaural Beats
The best way I can describe binaural beats is that they are sound frequencies that trigger the brain and allow it to become “entrained”.  One of my friends told me about binaural beats a few years ago when I was telling her about how bad my menstrual cramps were. I thought she was being extra, but one night I was having a hard time sleeping and I  decided to give them a try.  I found a beat on iTunes for deep sleep and put my head phones in.  I had only slept three hours when it was time to wake up but I felt as if I had a full nights rest.  You can find binaural beats on YouTube for just about anything from sleep to pure judgement.   Whenever my anxiety is going crazy at bedtime I find a good beat to listen to, pop in my headphones and sleep the night away.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.42.43 PM.png
I do my best to watch what I eat and stay away from foods that can trigger anxiety.  Food is medicine so its important that we watch what we are putting into our bodies so that our bodies function the way they are intended to.  I stay away from refined sugars and do my best to stick with an organic plant based diet because I have adverse reactions (anxiety) when I eat processed foods and refined sugars.

 If you struggle with anxiety, how do you cope?  I’m always looking for new ways to help improve mine.

Until next time…

The Importance of Toner



I keep my daily skin care regimen fairly simple.  I do use masks and exfoliators once a week but my normal routine consists of washing, toning and moisturizing my skin.  Recently I posted a blog on Skin Care While Traveling.   One of the key things I mentioned for caring for your skin while traveling was to tone your skin to reset your skins pH.  One of my favorite bloggers and fellow Queen of a Feather Style Junkie asked a good question: What does toner do?

That’s an awesome question because I didn’t realize how many people don’t use to toner and are unsure of what it does. So… I’ve got the answers for you!

Toner does many things from cleansing the skin to preventing ingrown hairs

It resets the pH balance of the skin.

When we cleanse our skin, it disrupts the natural acidity of our skin.  This causes the skin to go into protection mode so that the balance of acidity can be restored,  many times people suffer from oily skin because of this.  Using toner allows the acidity to be restored quickly

It adds a barrier of protection 

Toners assist with closing pores.  Closed pores prevents impurities like dirt and oil from entering the skin.  Toner can even assist in removing certain minerals that are present in tap water (I’ve been thinking about ceasing washing my skin with tap water… we’ll see about that)

It shrinks pores

My pores are HUGE I mean they are just ridiculously noticeable.  I can tell when I do not use toner, because toner  removes oil from the skin and gives the appearance that the pores are smaller.




It’s an excellent moisturizer

Many toners on the the market are humectants, this means they assist with keeping the skin moisturized

It prevents ingrown hairs

One of the benefits of using toners that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids is that they help with preventing ingrown hairs

It’s an excellent skin refresher

Toner can be used to cleanse the skin when its oily or dirty while on the go.  When I’m out on a hot sunny day I like to keep a small bottle in my purse to help remove some of the icky feeling you get from being sweaty all day.


My favorite toners are:

Rare Earth Pore Refining Toner by Kiehls

Cucumber Lotion by Mario Badescu

Diluted Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


For those that are already using toner, which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear back from you!

Until next time…

Mario Badescu – Ceramide Eye Gel


I never realized how important it is to care for the skin around our eyes.  A few years ago I was in Nordstrom buying a Clarisonic and I struck up a conversation with the sales associate about my skin care routine.  I told her what products I was using and she asked a question that stumped me.  “What do you use to care for your eyes?”  Never once had I ever considered caring for the skin around my eyes because I always thought that it was something I would do when I saw crows feet forming, or noticed puffiness around my eyes. Turns out, its never too early to start caring for the skin around our eyes.

The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate, and as we age the skin becomes thinner because of the breakdown of collagen.  The skin around our eyes can also become thinner due to smoking, sun exposure and other environmental factors.   The skin around our eyes has elasticity similar to a rubber band.  Just like a rubber band constant tugging and pulling cause the elasticity to break down.  Our eyes are moved 10,000 times a day by just blinking alone.  But think about how many times we rub our eyes during the day, smile, laugh, frown and make other facial expressions.  All of these effect the elasticity of the skin around our eyes, so its vital that we use some form of moisturizer, serum or gel that contain herbal extracts to keep the skin around our eyes looking picture perfect.

The Ceramide Eye Gel by Mario Badescu is packed with herbal extracts  and ceramides to help relieve tired and puffy eyes as well as keeping the elasticity of our our eyes in tact.  Its lightweight and greaseless so it won’t clog your pores.  One of my favorite ways to use it is to store it in the refrigerator as a way to refresh my eyes the morning after a long night.  You can find it at stores like Ulta, Nordstrom, Blue Mercury and Urban Outfitters for just $18!


I’ve been using this product for about years now and I absolutely love it!  Try it out and let me know what you think.   What products are you using to care for the skin around your eyes?


Until next time lovies….




I love my boss, she’s a fellow product junkie so she’s always hipping me to the new new and telling me what I should and should not buy.  A few months ago we were having our daily girl talk and she told me about an episode of Shark Tank that featured a natural deodorant called PiperWai  As soon as she told me about it I rolled my eyes because I have tried many many many different natural deodorants and NONE of them have worked.  I mean none of them have even worked for an hour.  Each time I have tried a  natural deodorant I’ve been left feeling extremely sweaty and smelling like…. well a dead skunk on a 100 degree day… NO BUENO.  Even after my boss told me about how the creators of PiperWai swore by their product I still didn’t believe her because all companies feel that their product is the absolute best.  A few months after she told me about it I developed a huge lump under my arm from the deodorant I used which ended up causing me to have a many other health issues, so I finally decided to try PiperWait and baybeeeeeee If this thang ain’t the TRUTH!!!

I did a little research on the product and saw that it was made from natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil. Still a bit leery, I purchased the product in January but due to the popularity of their Shark Tank episode there was a 5 to 6 week wait for the product to be shipped.  I decided to order two of jars because if the product really worked I didn’t want to have to wait 5 to 6 weeks to have more delivered.  As soon as I got the alert that my package had been delivered I could not get to my mailbox fast enough.  I tried it for the first time and was almost immediately in love.  When you open the jar it looks a lot like play-dough; it’s soft and extremely smooth, the texture is kind of hard to explain.  To use it, you just take a small pea size pinch of the putty like substance and rub it under your arm.  The tiny pinch is just enough to cover your entire under arm area (one pinch for each arm).piper-wai

The whole entire first day I used PiperWai I kept smelling my arms to see if the deodorant was actually working.  I went a whole 12 hours and did not sweat nor did I have any type of armpit odor!  The fact that I had no odor at all was such a big deal to me.  This is because PiperWai contains ingredients that won’t allow bacteria to grow and thrive, which leads to fresh pits.  In my research on PiperWai, I learned that when we sweat under our arms it does not have an odor.  However, once bacteria reaches the sweat it causes that terrible foul odor like raw onions mixed with crushed garlic.  I also learned that the magnesium in PiperWai allows your body to block the offensiveness of sweat – isn’t science freaking amazing???

One of the things I love most about this product is that it does not clog your apocrine sweat glands like other antiperspirants.  Clogged apocrine glands can lead to large lumps forming under your arms which can be extremely painful and cause other health issues like various infections.  PiperWait is great for sensitive skin, it won’t cause any break outs or irritation to the skin. 

One jar of PiperWai is only $11.99 plus S&H.  $11.99 may seem a bit pricey but honestly its totally worth it because it will last for months! Right now there is a 2-4 week back order on it but its really worth the wait.  Try PiperWai today and tell me what you think!!!


Her Name Was Lola…

Recently I watched a Youtube video from one of my FAVORITE YouTubers Vicky Logan.  She was going over her favorite products for the month of October, and one of the products she talked about was Lola.  Lola is a feminine product subscription service that delivers organic tampons.   Ok I know, you’re probably like what is an organic tampon???  Well… organic tampons are tampons that have not been treated with any chemicals like bleach.  They are made up of pure products that will not harm our bodies.   At first I thought…  “Hmmm this sounds like a ploy to get people to buy things they don’t need”.  But, after doing my research I realized bleach cotton does not sound very safe AT ALL!!!

I went to www.organiccotton.organd I was astonished at what I saw.  Bleached cotton can contain many chemicals that could be extremely dangerous.  Just take a look below:

Bleached cotton products have been known to contain:

  • ·         Heavy metals
  • ·         Formaldehyde
  • ·         Azo dyes
  • ·         Benzidine
  • ·         Chlorine bleach

If we wouldn’t want to consume these chemicals, why on earth would a woman want to insert these chemicals into her private areas?   After further research I found out even more disturbing information.

Using bleached cotton is suspected to cause:

  •     Allergies
  • · Cancer
  • · Eczema

It also would not surprise me if there were more side effects that could be caused from using bleached cotton.
As you all know from my Instagram page and here, I have begun to develop a more organic lifestyle when it comes to the products I use in my home and the foods I consume.  Slowly I have started to transition from using chemicals and genetically modified items to using more natural products that have ingredients I know how to pronounce. This includes, feminine products, toilet paper, laundry detergent and skin care products.
The Lola brand offers safe organic feminine products for only $9 a month. They even have deal right now where you can get your first two boxes shipped together for only $9 and shipping is always free. 
For me the subscription service alone is perfect for someone like me.  I’m always super busy and I always seem to have to stop to get my products at the most inconvenient times.  Knowing that they will be in my mailbox right when I need them is perfect, and the fact that they are organic is an added bonus!  Think of it like Netflix for feminine care.  In fact I ditched my Netflix subscription just so that I could fit Lola into my budget.  Its more of a necessity for me than unlimited movies anyway!

I haven’t had a chance to try Lola yet, my first two boxes just arrived yesterday.  However, as soon as I try them out I will give a full review on what I think!
Until next time lovies!!!