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I have an obsession with cute & funky frames.  Whether eyeglasses or sunglasses I love to purchase frames that make a statement.  I’m often asked where I purchase my frames from and who they are by.  Today I’m going to showcase my favorites.

When it comes to sunglasses, I try my best not to break the bank.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve purchased shades from designers like Burberry and Gucci but… I never have good luck with them because I’ve either broken them or lost them.  Its a heartbreaking feeling to spend an excessive amount on something and lose or damage it.  For some strange reason, none of my $10 shades have been lost or broken so…  I think I’ll stick with inexpensive shades.

Circa 2011… I bought these Gucci Shades from the Neiman Marcus outlet… They broke when I dropped them on my sofa… No more designer shades for me!

For my sunglasses, I really just purchase them from anywhere that has a good deal.  I’ve gotten shades from the thrift store (The Buffalo Exchange is my favorite).  I’ve also gotten sunglasses from some pretty weird places… my favorite pair of aviators actually came from a liquor store and they were free!

My favorite stores to snag shades from are:

Here are a few of my favorite inexpensive shades:

The Buffalo Exchange (Wash, DC Location) $10
Sunglass Spot $5


Sunglass Spot $5


ZeroUV $10

Akira $15
The Buffalo Exchange $10


Eyeglasses are a little different for me, while I do shop on websites like Zenni (blog post here) or Warby Parker to get discounted frames, I also like to take full advantage of my vision insurance to get eyewear I normally wouldn’t buy for myself.

Here are a few of my favorites

Brand/Store: See Eyewear $339 – Washington, DC Location  (Purchased through vision insurance)
                  Brand: Chanel $400 – Store: My Eye Dr. Arlington, VA location                                              (Purchased through vision insurance)


Zenni $11


If you all have any suggestions on trendy and inexpensive eyewear stores, I’d love to hear about them!  I’m always looking for a cool new place to shop.

Until next time…


My Back is Aching My Bra Too Tight!


Ya’ll know I looooooooove YouTube. I get excited when any of my favorite subscribers post a new vlog or tutorial (see my favorite YouTubers here).   Recently Nitraa B did a video titled “All about Bras”). Definitely a must see for all women! She talked about caring for your bras, where to buy them, how to get measured and other topics related to bras.   Before watching the video I honestly thought Ummm I’ve been wearing a bra since I was 9 I’m pretty sure I know everything I need to know about them.” WRONG!!! Because I would soon find out that I along with 80% of the women in the US have been wearing the wrong size bra!

A few weeks ago at the suggestion of my mother and right after watching Nitraa B’s video, I went to get my bra size measured. For years I automatically assumed I was a 36 C. After going to my local Lane Bryant, I discovered that I couldn’t have been more wrong about my bra size. Boy I was off by quite a bit, because after working with the sales associate I found out that my size was…. WAIT FOR IT… A 42 DDD. Yep I had been wearing the wrong bra size for many many years.

After buying two VERY expensive bras my life changed.   My back pains that I was experiencing stopped, I don’t have any shoulder pain and my bras covered up my fat rolls in the back (just keeping it 100 with y’all) which made my clothes look a lot better.  I currently take a class that forces me to really look at how I present myself, and believe it or not under garments like bras and panties even came up in a class discussion.  As women, it is extremely important that we take time to educate ourselves on our clothing whether its visible or not. Studies show that women that wear the wrong bra can subject themselves to experiencing many health issues such as: deformed breast shape, bad posture, scars on the skin, blocked lymph nodes  and many other issues.

I highly suggest that each of you take the time to get fitted for the right bra. Your breast size is probably a lot bigger than what you actually think they are. Just look at what happened to me, I was off by 2 cup sizes and let’s not get started on how off I was with the band size SMH!  Getting fitted not only made me look better, but it also made me feel better about myself.

While bras are definitely an investment, I understand that for some, spending $80 on a bra is just not feasible , so here are a few helpful tips for after you get measured:

  • Don’t feel obligated to buy a bra from the same place you get measured, take your measurements to another store that is in your price range
  • Keep an eye out for sales, stores like Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood always have some kind of deal going on. February is always a good time to buy bras because of Valentines Day! Mark your calendar for semi annual sales at these stores as well
  • These days, there are all kinds of discount sites that offer inexpensive intimate apparel. Off Duty Intimates is an excellent site that offers bras that start at just $4.99 and they beyond a D cup!
  • Check out Groupon and No More Rack, you will certainly be surprised at what you find here

Oh, and I also understand how intimidating it can be to show your body to a complete stranger, so if you are uncomfortable with getting measured by a professional you can do it yourself using these instructions from Real Simple

Have you gotten measured and found out you were wearing the wrong size?  I’d love to hear about your experience!


Labor Day Sales

Courtesy of Mara from M Loves M

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J.Crew // 30% off your order of $125+ with code: GETSHOPPING ends 9/9

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Shop Your Closet Challenge: Six Months and Still Going

This is my closet… 

Actually this is just one side of my closet. The other side is pretty full too.  I actually don’t have enough room for all of my items to fit in my closet.  For years and years I have been obsessed with fashion and shopping.  My obsession with fashion is so bad that when I watch anything style related the hair on my arms stands straight up.  I’m not sure if any of you remember but in 2010 Oxygen had a show called “House of Glam”  I’m obsessed with this show!!!  Like I still stalk it even though it only lasted one season, I bought the season via YouTube two years ago and I watch it probably at least once a week… Hey! Judge your Mother!

My obsession with shopping on the other hand is now non existent.  LOL I’m you’re probably giving me the side eye right now but, I’m serious.  I really haven’t shopped for clothing in about six months.
I always wondered when and if I would ever stop being obsessed with having the latest and the greatest.  I actually never thought it would happen for me.  But, in March I came across this YouTube video about shopping your closet for one year. This was just around the time when I was looking at the mess of clothing in my bedroom thinking how I never wear more than half of the items in my closet.  So, I decided to try it out.  I honestly didn’t think I would last but, here I am six months later and I have not bought a single article of clothing.  The challenge has been hard, especially now that its September and all of the fashion magazines are showing the latest fashion trends for Fall.  I have been forced to re purpose different articles of clothing, I’ve gotten rid of tons of items that I have not worn or didn’t care for anymore which made room for me to fit more into my closet.  

In the beginning I challenged myself to see how long it would take to repeat an outfit.  It took about 6 months for me to run out of options for clothing and then I just started from scratch and started repeating outfits again.  

  1. Forced to be creative with outfit choices
  2. Saved a ton of money that helped me pay down my debt
  3. Earned money for my clothing by selling items to The Buffalo Exchange
  4. Helped others by donating unwanted items to charities and to friends
  5. Motivated me to do other challenges like walking at least 10,000 steps a day and bring my lunch everyday. 

There actually have not been cons to doing the challenge.  I’ve found that I no longer shop out of boredom or to fill voids and I’ve become a lot less materialistic. 
I’m no where near my goal of making it a whole year without shopping but, I’m already wondering if I’ll go back to my old habits when its over.  I think one of the major things I’ve learned is there is so much more to accomplish in life other than having a brand new Gucci bag.  I’ve found that I am more motivated to do other things like starting my Youtube channel, this blog, owning a home, building my relationship with God and being free from materialism.  I’m not really sure why I was so materialistic in the past, but I think a huge part of it came from attempting to keep with what I saw on Social Media and on Television. Shopping was my comfort zone, and now I’m learning to find comfort in myself.

Until next time lovies…

Shea Shea Bakery

One of the things I love about Instagram is that it puts you in contact with so many different businesses and products.  Each time I scroll through my timeline I always have to make a list of the products I’ve seen and desperately want to try.

For me, my addiction to products stems from being a sucker for cute packaging.  So when I stumbled upon the products from Shea Shea Bakery.  If you follow me on Instagram (shameless plug) you know that I have become absolutely obsessed with this company and their products.  Now I won’t lie, at first I was only interested in the products because of the packing.  They custom design the tops of each of their Shea Butters so that they emulate the scent you purchased.

My first purchase was the Cinnamon Bun Shea Butter. I  couldn’t believe how much it actually smelled like a real cinnamon bun.  I swear I almost wanted to eat it, actually I tried to eat it BUT luckily they put a note that says DO NOT EAT because idiots like me will actually try it.

Cinnamon Bun Shea Butter

So like I said earlier I was first attracted to this brand solely because I loved the way the container looked and I’m a sucker for cute packaging.  But, after receiving it and using it I have to say I love it even more now because of how awesome it has been for my skin.  For those of you that don’t know, Shea Butter is a natural sun protectant. I love that I can smell like a decadent dessert and protect my skin from UV rays at the same time!

Like many women that wear heels, I suffer from dry/rough heels.  Using the Shea Butter from Shea Shea Bakery has helped the skin on my heels become a lot less rough and extremely nourished.  Now all Shea Butter can help your skin but I just love the scent of Shea Shea Bakery products and I love supporting small businesses.

Shea Shea Bakery offers numerous flavors of their Shea Butters.  So far I’ve purchased Cinnamon Bun, Buttermilk Pancake and Belgian Waffle.  They have other flavors that I’m dying to try like the Caramel Apple, Carrot Cake and Banana Pudding.

Buttermilk Pancake & Belgian Waffle Shea Butter

They also have decorative soaps that are exact replicas of donuts (I want them for my bathroom) as well as body wash and sugar scrubs.  I can’t say how the other products are because I have tried them but, several of my Instagram followers have purchased them and they seem to love them! Once I purchase I’ll be sure to do a review.

Until next time lovies…

My YouTube Addiction

Last summer, one of my good girlfriends turned me on to Vlogs and Channels  on YouTube.  For those that don’t know, a Vlog is a Video Blog.  Its basically a way to follow every day people in their daily lives… kind of like Facebook but on video.  Anywho, since last summer I’ve pretty much been obsessed with them.  It started off with my just following one Channel and then that quickly turned me into a YouTube monster! I started of watching Vicky Logan because I loved her monthly favorite videos.  Then a few months ago she and her “YouTube Sisterhood” took a trip to LA for Generation Beauty  and they all did Vlogs documenting their trip.  So then of course I had to watch all of the Youtube Sisterhood LA Vlogs.  So of course I subscribed to them and then YouTube suggested more Channels and then my obsession grew even  more. 
My obsession  got so bad that I even stopped watching regular TV because I was too busy watching video after video on YouTube.  I felt like I had to watch every video each vlogger had (crazy  I know).  They all have so many good points and topics to discuss and I can’t help but watch EVERYTHING.
I decided to list my favorite YouTube channels for my subscribers because I have to share the wealth… I love these ladies and I think you guys will too.
 She’s a shopaholic just like me, so I love when she does her Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works and other shopping hauls.  She also has a series called “From House to Home” which shows the way she decorates the home she and her husband just purchased.  When it comes to home décor, I feel we have similar tastes so I got a lot of inspiration from her when it came to decorating my new apartment.  She is also a product junkie so I look forward to her monthly favorites and  GRWM (get ready with me) videos.
She’s a part of the YouTube Sisterhood I mentioned earlier.  Her weekly vlog “Ray’s Week” chronicles her weekly events.  She’s funny and extremely down to earth.  I feel like I never know what I’m going to get from her and she always keeps her subscribers on their toes.  I love her product reviews and her weave/wig videos make me wish I had hair!  Her sense of style is pretty cute too.

Out of everyone, she has to be my favorite.  Reason #1 is her faith, I love how much she adds her faith to her videos. For me, its a big deal because when it comes to my faith I’ve made some huge decisions that many young adults don’t understand.  So, its really inspiring when I find others that are on the same path as me. She does segments called “Vicky Vibes” where she discusses whats on her mind while she does her makeup for the day.  Everyone once in a while she’ll add a friend to the mix.  She does product reviews, shopping hauls and she and her husband have a cute vlog they post on Thursdays “Life with the Logan’s” its so cute watching their marriage grow.  They are newlyweds and they really inspire single people like me to wait for their perfect mate. Oh and she’s silly, just like me and who doesn’t love a silly girl!

I love her!  She posts all kinds of things from how to decorate your Erin Condren planner and how to budget for school to GRWM and favorite products.  She’s the reason I spent $40 on a freaking life planner… so worth it though. She does “Honeybee Hangouts” where she answers questions and gives advice on how to do things and handle certain situations which is always a plus.  She is the person that turned me onto doing surveys for extra cash on (I’ll do an in depth post about it at a later date)

This chick is hilarious! I’m not just saying that because I’ve known her for more than half of my life. Unlike the rest of my favorites she doesn’t really talk about her favorite products or anything like that but, she chronicles her life and silly decisions in short videos.  Her most recent post about eating three donuts while she’s on a diet will leave you in tears.  The in your face approach she uses will have you cracking up for hours!
If I could be any youtuber I would probably be her (I’d keep my brown skin though).  I love her sense of style, her apartment, her dogs, her makeup collection, her closet… ok I just love everything.  She’s so super down to Earth and so funny.  She’s not afraid to be super weird and silly on camera and I love that.  I feel like so many of vloggers of the YouTube don’t show their real personalities so its refreshing when I find people that do.  I feel like many of the products she uses can be used on all skin shades so I don’t mind at all that she’s not a person of color.  
If you all happen to check them out, let me know what you think.   
Until next time lovies….

Bargainista Chronicles: Coconut Oil Wonders

During one of my weekly trips to TJ Maxx… 

Wait before I start, let me just say how funny it is how our tastes change as we mature and get older.  When I was a kid, my mother would drag me to TJ Maxx EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY because that was when the one near our house got their weekly shipment.   I absolutely hated that store because it smelled like leather, and for some reason I hated the way leather smelled when I was a kid. 

Ok now back to my story.  So about a week a go I went to TJ Maxx… like I do every week.  I went looking for a birthday gift for someone but I stumbled up this beauty…
Sonoma Harvest Organic Coconut Oil from TJMaxx only $6

Ok so when I tell you I SCREAMED when I saw this!  Because not only is it probably the biggest jar of organic coconut oil I’ve ever seen, but it was also only $6!!!  Now granted it was on the clearance rack but who the heck cares a bargain is a bargain.  So me being the obsessive compulsive person that I am when it comes to products, I immediately (well not immediately about a week later) went to the TJ Maxx near my job to see if they had any and guess what!  I found two more jars of this same brand for $6.  But that wasn’t enough.. So I walked down the street to Marshall’s (TJ Maxx affilate) to see if they had it, and guess what they did!  But listen to this… it wasn’t on clearance It was $9.99  #byefelicia  so i left it right there on the shelf.  Hmph *flips imaginary Brazilian body wave*

Ok back to the product on hand… So i use coconut oil for many many many reasons. 
  • Cooking: Mainly because its a lot healthier than olive oil and I’ve really been attempting to change my lifestyle and my eating habits.  
  • Hair Care:preshampoo, condition and oil these locks (lets pretend my hair is as long asAfrica Miranda)
  • Skin Care: When it comes to skin… OMG coconut oil is the beezneez you hear me? I use it for my dry hands and feet, as an all over body moisturizer, I add sugar to it sometimes for a good scrub (so great for lip scrubs), to remove my eye makeup, shaving, and to cleanse my skin! 

One of the things I love most about coconut oil is that a little goes a long way and this jar should last me about six months!  Coconut oil  has a shelf life of 18 months to 2 years so you don’t have to worry about having to use it up before it goes bad.

Until next time lovies…