Activated Charcoal: The Un-glamorous Key to Glamourous Skin

Activated charcoal is seriously one of the best things to have in your skin care routine.  I'm sure the first thing many of you are thinking is I'm not putting something I use to grill my food on my face.   Relax!  Grilling charcoal and activated charcoal are two different things.  When used properly, activated [...]

Sleeping Beauty… The Effects of Sleeping with Makeup On

My schedule is so hectic some days, last Sunday was one of my busiest days. I had church, brunch plans, family to visit in the hospital, grocery shopping.... yea thats not even all of it.  I'm still trying to understand how people are able to keep it together when it comes to hectic schedules, but [...]

Creation of a Product Junkie

Hi I'm Jennifer, a self proclaimed product junkie and acne has plagued my skin since I was 14 and I got my first pimple. I will never forget it was a HUGE monster that sat right on the tip of my nose. Of all places to pop up it appeared on the most sensitive part [...]