Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Partner


Every time I return from a trip, I get a ton of messages from people asking me to let them know when my next trip is.  I’m always flattered that people want to travel with me, but I how do they know I’m a good person to travel with?  They don’t!   One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while following my passion of wanderlust is to be careful who I choose as a travel partner.

Today I’m giving you tips on things to consider when you’re choosing a travel partner and I’ll also share a few of my horror stories.


Check Their Temperament and Their Manners
I’m a pretty go with the flow type of person so I like to travel with people that are the same way.  I do not enjoy having an itinerary when I’m on vacation. I’m down to do maybe one or two excursions but after that, I want to do things at my own pace or do nothing at all.   I have an itinerary Monday-Friday so I don’t need one on vacation okurrrr.  Some people love having their whole vacation planned out.     If you’re not a turn up and go clubbing type of person, you may not have a lot of fun with a person who is that way, and vice versa.  This is extremely important to consider.

You’ll also want to consider your travel partners manners. Do you really want to travel with someone that is mean and rude?

Story Time: On two recent trips I traveled with people that were a bit on the rude side.  Everywhere we went they were nasty and rude to the locals.  While you shouldn’t be rude period, I definitely think it’s important to not be rude when you’re visiting a new place (especially another country).


Make Sure they are Open Minded
You may find yourself in some pretty unique situations when you’re traveling.  This is especially true when you are traveling internationally.   Make sure that you’re traveling with people that are comfortable with being outside of their normal environment and know when and when not to make comments about what they see.

Story Time:  On a trip to Mexico we did a tour through the forest.  The tour guide was excited to show us the Mesoamerican tree.  This tree produces a gum that is often used to make chewing gum.  Each person in the group grabbed a piece from the tree and we were encouraged to try it.   I have to admit the gum was pretty gross, but we all knew not to make comments about it.  However one woman proceeded to yell that the gum tasted like (insert expletive) and she spit it out.   Her friends were pretty embarrassed and the tour guide was definitely insulted.


Hang Out with Them First
You’re going to be in close quarters with your travel partner for an extended amount of time.  So, before extending an invite to someone to travel with you, think about how it is to hang out with them.   Ask yourself: “Do I like spending time with this person?”  or “Are they prone to get on my nerves?”  If it’s someone you’ve met on social media, try planning a casual meet up see to how you vibe with them first.  Chances are, if they get on your nerves at home, it’s going to be even worse on a trip.

Story Time:  I took a trip with someone that kind of got on my nerves.  I can be kind of moody, so I thought it was just me trippin’ and she probably really wasn’t that bad.  Nah bruh, sis was REALLY THAT BAD. When other people told me they caught the same vibe, I sighed in relief because it wasn’t just me!  She really showed her true colors when we took a trip half way across the globe! Man sis was needy, bougie, pretentious and just plain old irky.   I found myself getting ready to spend $2000 just to get home early because I couldn’t deal.    Lesson learned!


I’m Ready for My Close Up
This is going to sound vain but, in order to be my travel partner you need to know how to take a GOOD picture.   As a travel blogger, snapping the perfect shot is important to me.  So, ideally I like to have a travel partner that:

  1. Doesn’t mind taking my pic until I get the right one
  2. Understands the art of capturing the right picture (I gauge this based on peoples social media pics LOL)

The only time I don’t post pics of my trips is if I didn’t have a good photographer. One of these days I’ll invest in a tripod so I can take my own… but until then I’m relying on my travel partner.

If photos aren’t a big deal to you, then this doesn’t matter.  But, if you want the right snapshot, test out your future travel partners photography skills.


Money Matters
Money isn’t everything, but it can definitely make or break a trip.  When planning a trip with someone you want to make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to the budget for your vacation.   You don’t want to lower your standards for your accommodations because the person you are planning to travel with is being cheap.

Money can also be an issue when it’s time to pay for a trip.  As a rule of thumb, only book travel when you have everyone’s money in hand.  If they don’t have the money when it’s time to book then they’ll have to catch you on the next trip.   You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’ve paid for everything and you’re chasing someone down to get your money back.  Plus, if they don’t have the money when it’s time to book, then they probably aren’t going to have money on the trip, and that will take you down a whole other rabbit hole.

Story Time:  My relationship with one of my family members is pretty much non-existent after a girls trip gone bad due to money matters.  We went out of town and she waited until we got to our destination to let me know she had limited funds.  She asked me to cover her and promised to pay me back when we returned.   When we got back, she stopped answering my calls and texts and I haven’t seen or heard from her since.


Patience is a Virtue
Think about your patience level while traveling, this is especially important if you are traveling with someone that doesn’t have much experience.   When traveling with a newbie, there are going to be a ton of questions and you are going to have to explain a lot.    Traveling can be really overwhelming at times, but if you’re traveling with a beginner it can make things feel even more chaotic.   Take a minute to analyze your own patience levels and if you don’t think you can travel with a beginner, then save yourself a headache and don’t!

Remember, all travel partners weren’t created equal!  Choose wisely!


One thought on “Tips for Choosing the Right Travel Partner

  1. Heeeyyyy! A new post filled with EXCELLENT advice! I don’t travel, at all really but everything you said makes sense. I last traveled for vacation back in 2006 with my entire immediate family and I almost broke all ties with them by the end if it 🤦‍♀️. Thank God I had a friend to talk me down and out of that decision!

    An-ty-way, great post! Thanks for sharing XOXOXO


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