U by Kotex Alternatives

Recently, it was announced that U by Kotex recalled certain tampons due to reports of them unraveling inside the body.

If U by Kotex is your preferred brand of tampons, you may be on the hunt for a replacement.   Here is a list of alternative tampons that are healthier and more reliable than conventional tampons.


3sifbxr66dyfylgyaqiq.jpgCora is a brand of organic feminine care products.  Cora products are made from cotton that is free from genetically modified seeds and pesticides.   The Cora brand believes that feminine care products should be healthy for consumers, farmers, and the environment.   For every Cora product purchased, they send feminine care products and provide health education to women in need.

Cora believes that feminine hygiene products are a necessity and not a luxury, so they pay all sales taxes on their products and continue to advocate for tax free feminine care products.

If you purchase a Cora subscription online, you can customize your box based on the length and flow of your period.

Price: $6 – $34
Products Available:  
Pads, Tampons and Bladder Pads
Where to Purchase:
Target and the Cora website

I remember when I first heard Vicky Logan talk about the Lola tampon subscription service.  I thought she was just being super extra, until I did my research on the chemicals found in conventional feminine care products.

Lola is another brand of feminine care products that can be purchased as a part of a subscription.   The Lola brand has dedicated their mission to producing trusted products that are free from synthetic fibers, additives, and mystery ingredients.  Lola has you covered, whether you’re looking to improve your sexual health, sooth the effects of menopause, or improve your menstrual health.

Price: $8 – $34
Products Available:  Tampons, Pads, Liners, Daily Supplements, Essential Oils, condoms, lubricant, and cleansing wipes.
Where to Purchase:  Lola Website



If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love the products from L.  L. products are free from pesticides, rayon, fragrances, deodorants, or dyes and it says so right on their packaging!

L. is dedicated to making health products accessible to women around the world that are in need. For every L. product purchased, feminine hygiene and sexual health products are provided to women in lesser serviced countries.
Products Available:
Pads, Tampons, Liners, and Condoms
Where to Purchase:
Target, CVS, and This is L. website

My hope is that this recent scare with U by Kotex, will encourage women around the world to pay more attention to the products they use for their feminine care.  Take a minute to do your research on conventional feminine hygiene products and make the switch to non-toxic products today!


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