We all know flights can be super expensive, but there are a ton of tips and tricks to finding flights at cheaper rates.   One of my favorite ways to find cheap flights is “Skiplagging” using the website Skiplagged.

What is Skiplagging?
Skiplagging may be a new term to some, but the technique has been around for many years.  It was something that just wasn’t spoken about. Kind of like an underground travel technique that wasn’t to be spoken of in a public forum.

Skiplagging, is a cost saving method travelers use by booking their flights through the place they intend to go and departing the trip early, at the through point.   Make sense?   Let’s say you want to travel from DC to Atlanta but the flight is $400, however, a flight from DC to Miami with a layover in Atlanta is $200.  The customer, would simply book the flight to Miami via Atlanta and depart the plane in Atlanta, skipping the flight to Miami.  Using this technique saves the customer $200.

Airlines HATE Skiplagging, and in 2015 United Airlines tried to sue the creator of the Skiplagged app claiming that the technique was illegal.  Don’t worry, a judge through the case out and the app is here to stay!

The Rules
There are a few rules and tips for using Skiplagged.  Take my advice and don’t break them because you WILL ruin your trip.

  • Don’t tell anyone you are skipping a flight, especially the airlines. They will cancel your trip
  • Skiplagging only works one way. So, you’ll have to book two separate tickets.  One for your departure and one for your return.
  • Once you miss a flight, your reservation is cancelled. That’s it, that’s all – no exceptions.
  • You cannot check a bag when Skiplagging. Remember, you are getting off at your layover so checking a bag means your luggage will not be with you at the layover point. Pack wisely and take a carryon.
  • Do your best not to abuse this technique.
  • Don’t use your frequent flyer miles when Skiplagging. You can try, but it may cause issues in the end and it’s probably not worth the hassle.

By the way, United Airlines tries to be a big bully when it comes to Skiplagging claiming they’ll come after anyone that uses this technique.  It’s highly unlikely that they’ll follow through with their claim however, I suggest not Skiplagging with United.

Do I use Skiplagged?
Anytime I travel I check Skiplagged first.  I may or may not have recently purchased a ticket to Atlanta for $102 using Skiplagged and I may or may not be traveling to Mexico in a few weeks for just $220 using Skiplagged.

Don’t Think Your Clothes Can Fit in a Carryon?
Packing everything in a carry-on bag may sound like a chore but I promise you it’s not. I’ve become an expert at packing enough clothes for up to a weeklong getaway with just a small duffle bag and a cross body purse.  It’s possible, trust me.  Maybe I’ll do a pack with me post before I leave for my next trip! In the meantime, check out one of my favorite YouTube videos on how to pack for 12 Days in Europe in a Carryon Bag.

Check out Skiplagged and let me know what you think!

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