Book Now, Pay Later

When it comes to planning a trip, finances play a HUGE part.  For many, paying the full amount up front for a trip isn’t always feasible.  I totally understand; I am on a strict budget and can’t always pay up front for my vacations.  Over the last two years I’ve stumbled upon several vacation services that allow customers to “Book Now, Pay Later”.



Airfordable is a service that allows customers to put their plane tickets on layaway.  I first used Airfordable in 2016 when I traveled to Sydney, Australia.   The process to use Airfordable is simple:  find your desired flight (Spirit Airlines is not eligible), choose the frequency of your payments; bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly and lastly, make your deposit.  Each booking is assessed a service fee that is based on the cost of your ticket.

Sydney, 2016


Carnival Cruises
In 2016, I took a cruise to The Bahamas on Carnival Cruise Lines.  Many cruise lines allow customers to book their cruise with a small deposit, sometimes as low as $20.  When I booked with Carnival, my deposit was $20 and I had until about a month before the cruise was to set sail, to pay off the remaining balance

Nassau, 2016


Book It is another excellent website to book travel.  Depending on the destination, customers can book hotel and resort accommodations for just $5 down.  Book It, also allows customers to choose the dates they want to make their payments; as long as a payment is made each month.  I used Book It for a trip to Mexico earlier this year.   I put just $5 down and split $487.50 over three payments!  For this particular trip, I was splitting the cost of the resort between myself and two other people, for a total of $162.50 each.  Book It is definitely an affordable option.

Mexico, 2018


Fun Jet Vacations
In 2017 my cousin planned a trip for her birthday to The Dominican Republic using Fun Jet. With Fun Jet, customers can book all-inclusive trips to various destinations.  For this trip, I made an initial deposit of $200 and then had about 4 months to pay the remaining balance.

Dominican Republic, 2017


If you’re on a budget but still desire to travel, check out these Book Now, Pay Later options and let me know what you think!

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