Skin Care While Traveling

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We should all have some form of day and night skin care routine so that our skin always feels and look its best.   It is also important to have a skin care routine when you are traveling.

I have a specific set of products I bring with me when I’m flying, especially when it is a long haul flight.

Moisture and Hydration
Due to the circulated air on planes, I tend to put a thick layer of moisturizer on my skin when I’m flying.   The humidity in most air cabins is about 20%,  this is less than half of what our skin is used to.  Due to the lack of humidity it can cause the skin to become extremely dry, red and flaky.   Products that are rich in Hyaluronic acid are perfect for cabin air because they contain a molecule that is able to bind water and keep your skin moisturized.   I usually use the Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream to keep my skin moisturized and I apply it once for short flights and every few hours on long flights.  It is recommended that hydration sprays not be used while flying, because the water evaporates in the dry air and can make the dryness worse.

As soon as I get off the plane I wipe my face down with face wipes to get all of the dirt and grime from the airport.  After doing a quick cleanse, I put more of the moisturizer on.  I’ve been using the baby wipes from Joonya lately to wipe of my face.

I always bring a good lip butter or chapstick with me when I fly.  Your lips can become dry just like your skin, due to the lack of humidity in the air cabin.  Currently I’m using the Straw-burry Lip Butter from The Butter Bar.  I think this product may be out of stock but their lip balms are pretty amazing too!

Makeup or Nah
Please please please, skip the makeup when flying!  The dry cabin air, plus layers of heavy makeup can lead to breakouts, rashes and other skin conditions like black heads.  Makeup holds on to dirt and can create free radicals.  Free radicals can lead to the breakdown of collagen and lead to pre-mature fine lines and wrinkles.  I’m not even going to give you an alternative for how to wear makeup while flying, because I want you to have beautiful skin forever!

Do you have any skin care tips and tricks for traveling?  Post them below!



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