Travel Tip: Hotels on a Budget

I’ve shared quite a few tips on how to get to your destination but, I have yet to share about hotel accommodations!

When it comes to hotels, I can be a little bit picky.  I like the max for the minimum.  I want to stay in a nice and comfortable hotel but I don’t want to pay a million dollars for it.

Whenever I’m looking for a hotel, whether its out of the country, in another state, or for one of my stay-cations where I book a hotel in DC for the weekend, I like to use the Hotel Tonight app.   The Hotel Tonight app allows users to book really nice hotels for a fraction of the cost.  I’ve stayed at the Intercontinental at DC’s new Wharf for only $60 per night…  I also used the app when I’ve traveled out of the country and have gotten deals for four star hotels for $100 per night or less.

hotel tonight.jpg

With the Hotel Tonight app, you can sometimes book up to a month in advance.  However, there are times when the app will only let you book a week in advance.  Its been my experience that the closer you wait until you desired date to book a room, the better deal you will get.    Last weekend I needed a hotel room for the weekend and I was able to get a room at the Westin in Arlington, VA for $120 for the weekend!


Another thing I like to do is check Google for hotel deals.  Simply type in: Hotels in (enter desired city here) and google will show you hotels that have the best rates in that area or areas that are close by.

Hotels in DC.PNG
Results when doing a Google search on hotels in DC


There have been a few times when I’ve used the Express Deal feature on where they pick the hotel for you and help you get the best deal.   You choose the criteria for your hotel:  Star rating, desired area… etc.  and Priceline will find the perfect deal for you.

I’m sure there are a ton of other ways to get hotels at discounted rates, but so far these are my favorites.  What apps and websites are you using to book hotels?


2 thoughts on “Travel Tip: Hotels on a Budget

  1. I like this app as well! It just sometimes not the best if you need a specific room type (i.e. 2 doubles) since they can’t guarantee room type. But the deals are AMAZING! I have also add luck with Expedia and I like booking because you can lock in rates and pay later, or cancel if you find a better deal (in some cases.) 🙂

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