Ingredients to Avoid in Your Hair Care Products


When I first began my natural hair journey I had no idea what products I should and should not use on my hair.  I literally would use anything that  had the words “natural”, “shea” or “African” on the label.  I was making a huge mistake by not reading the ingredients label to see what exactly I was putting in my hair.   All hair products were not made equal!  So it’s very important for us to read the ingredient label on products before we purchase them or put them in our hair.

Here are the ingredients you should be avoiding in your hair:

Isopropyl Alcohol

First of all… isopropyl alcohol is used in antifreeze… Why on earth would I want to put something found in antifreeze in my hair!!!  Isopropyl alcohol may sound familiar because its rubbing alcohol.  This type of alcohol can be extremely toxic when inhaled and its also quite flammable.  You should avoid using it on your hair because it has a huge drying effect on the hair and will literally suck the moisture out of your tresses… STAY AWAY FROM IT!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is often found on shampoo bottles.  This particular sulfate is used as a foaming agent for beauty products and can cause extreme over drying on your scalp and skin.   Sodium lauryl sulfate has been proven to be a carcinogen that has the power to penetrate the skin and absorb into your bloodstream.  Pretty scary!

 Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is highly comedogenic which means it can clog your pores.  It also creates a moisture barrier and shields moisturizing products from penetrating the hair shaft.


Petrolum is a type of crude oil.  Crude oil is used in the industrial world  as a lubricating oil.  If it belongs in an engine why would you want it in your hair? Just like mineral oil, petroleum creates a moisture barrier so the hair can’t absorb moisture.  Lack of moisture can cause your hair to become very dry and brittle.  This is especially true if you have c


Silicones can make your hair appear to be smooth and and shiny but, over time silicone products build up on the hair’s shaft.  The build up causes our hair to be extremely greasy and can weigh down your hair.  If you’re going for a fluffy fro look then you definitely want to avoid silicone products.  Also, in order to remove non-water soluble silicones from your hair, you’ll have to use shampoos that contain sulfates… which we definitely don’t want to do!

Oh and word of advice, just because a product says its organic doesn’t always mean it is good for your hair!  When a product states that it is organic, it usually means that 70% to 80% of its ingredients are organic.  You still need to ensure that the product does not contain any of the ingredients we shouldn’t be using on our curly hair.

Head to your bathroom and check the labels on all of your products! Come back and tell me if you found anything!!!


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