From Big Chop… to Bundles!

A few weeks ago  I was sitting in the mirror in shock about my hair growth.  It has seriously been quite a journey.   In 14 months I went from bald to bundles… don’t shade my hair growth! *flips hair*

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 11.26.22 PM.png

 Sidenote: why is having natural hair so freaking hard?  I mean once you get routine down its not so hard, but the trial and error you have to go through to learn what works and what doesn’t work is like the pits!

I’ve learned several things during my natural journey:

What works for one person may not and probably will not work for you

Learn your hair type, this avoids disappointment when you think you’re going to end up with Tracee Ellis Ross curls but you end up looking like Samuel L. Jackson

Use your best judgement when it comes to product recomendations… If a person doesn’t have the same hair type as you… chances are the product isn’t going to give the results you desire.  I had to learn the hard way when I spent like $200 on Carol’s Daughter products because Lipstick N Curls was using it… Yea she and I DO NOT have the same hair type.  I quickly took the products back and got a refund!

Be prepared to spend a lot of money, I think I spent over a bazillion dollars  on products before I figured out exactly what works best for me… and now that I know, I’m sticking to it!

Don’t trust YouTube reviews.  Listen, too many times I believed the hype about a product because all of my favorite YouTubers said it was BOMB…  they be lying!!! Cuz that Black Castor Oil & Flax Seed Eco Styler Gel was WHACK! Had me out here looking like I had Q-Tips in my hair!

But seriously going from relaxed to natural is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done.   In the beginning it was easy…  I was bald, not much work was involved.  I brushed my hair, made sure Nicole from PRMP Beauty Studio slayed my brows and put on a cute lippie and kept it moving.

Big Chop 2015, PRMP Beauty slayed my brows didn’t they?


Once I started growing my hair out in 2016, it was a totally different story!  Life got hard, I didn’t know what I was doing and everything people told me to try was an epic fail.  It wasn’t until I learned my hair type on Naturally Curly that things started changing for me.   Maybe I’m just dramatic, but if my hair isn’t right…. then I’m not right!

Here are a few of the products that work best for me and my 4c natural hair:

For Bantu Knots and Twist Outs:  Paul Mitchell Foaming PomadeFoaming Pomade.PNG


To Wash and Condition My Hair:  Hask Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner*Wash Day.PNG


For Hydration:  Every Strand Moisture Masque mixed with any kind of moisturizing hair oil *Every Strand.PNG


For Daily Twist Outs:  I love using this Brazilian Curly Cocktail Cream from Mielle Organics*Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.08.13 AM


Now that I have a set of products that work really well for me, I’m almost afraid to try anything new.   What products are you guys using on your natural coils?  I’d love hear about them!

Until Next Time…

*Indicates a product that was purchased on

2 thoughts on “From Big Chop… to Bundles!

  1. Your hair is looking amazing! I’m so proud of you for embracing your fabulous in every way! That’s an amazing amount of growth for just over a year, too. You’re clearly taking good care of it – congrats! XOXOXO

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