Wheels Up w/ Plane Ticket Layaway


Up until last year, I always wanted to travel out of the country but I never thought I could actually afford it.  I would hear my co-workers talk about their extravagant trips and I always thought they must have some kind of trust fund or something.  Well, that’s totally not the case.  Traveling can be expensive, but we live in an era where there is a coupon or hack for just about everything…  including travel!


Plane Ticket Layaway

Yes, you read that right!  You can actually put your plane ticket on layaway.    Airfordable offers affordable payment plans for plane tickets.  I tried it out last year when I traveled to Sydney, Australia and it worked like a charm.

Sydney 2016

The process for putting a plane ticket on a layaway plan is super simple and stress free.

After I created an account on Airfordable’s website, I used their calculator to determine the cost of my payment plan.  The calculator showed me the required deposit, the layaway fee and what my monthly payments would be if my request was approved.

Here is an example of the payment plan calculator:



Payment Plan


Once I knew what the total cost would be, I researched flights to Sydney from DC and took a screenshot of my desired itinerary and uploaded it to the Airfordable website. They gave me an option of selecting a bi-weekly payment plan and a monthly payment plan, I chose monthly.  I then paid my initial deposit of $366.  The deposit  included a service fee which ranges between 10%-20% of the ticket cost.

Shortly after making my initial deposit, I received an e-mail from the Airfordable Team asking a few questions about my trip:



  I quickly replied to their e-mail and the next day, I received an e-mail confirming that my request to use Airfordable was approved, and they provided me with my payment schedule.


The approval process for Airfordable doesn’t involve a credit check, but they have to ensure that they are able to accommodate your desired date of travel.  If they are able to accommodate, then your request will be approved.

I made 5 monthly payments of $219.65 and a few hours after my making my last payment, I received my electronic plane ticket.



One month after making my final payment, I was off to Sydney!!!

View of the Sydney Opera House from the Botanical Gardens

Airfordable’s customer service was absolutely awesome.  The representative I initially worked with even gave me his personal cell phone number in case I had any questions or required additional assistance.  There was an issue with the airline I booked with originally, and Airfordable caught it.  They contacted me immediately and they were able to book a new flight for me at no additional cost! The best part about this was that my trip was extended by three days!

Additional Information

Airfordable will allow up to 10 travelers on one payment plan

The cost of a plane ticket must be greater than $200

You can have up to 5 payment plans at one time (5 different trips)

You can use any airline website for your itinerary with the exception of Spirit Airlines (#theshade)

They do not offer payment plans for one way trips

Additional information can be found on the FAQ portion of their website, and of course you can ask me!

If you decide to try Airfordable, use my referral link and be sure to let me know how your experience is!

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