Quick Meal Ideas… For the Busy Foodie

We live in an era where convenience is key, which is why we see so many meal delivery plans like Sun Basket and Hello Fresh (no shade because I used to patronize these companies too).

That Time I Forgot to Cancel My Hello Fresh Subscription

Over time I realized these services are pretty pricey and they don’t save time at all because you spend the majority of the prep time chopping  herbs you’ve never heard of like marjoram and borage.  Typically these services cost anywhere between $59 and $89 and usually that’s just for dinner.  As many of you know I pride myself on spending just $50 a week on groceries and that includes breakfast lunch and snack (post can be found here).

For some strange reason, people always think I spend hours in the kitchen when I cook.  The truth is, I hate being in the kitchen so I’ve mastered the art of making meals in 30 minutes or less.

Here are some of my go to recipes:

 (disclaimer:  I don’t do measurements when I cook so you’ll have to use spices to taste)


I love Pho it’s one of my favorite things to eat whether I make it at home or if I’m at my neighborhood noodle house.   Now, my version is definitely missing a few things that they have at noodle houses but its still delicious!


Rice Noodles I use this brand

Veggies: I typically put sprouts, cilantro, red onions, cherry tomatoes, minced garlic, spinach and whatever other vegies may be on the verge of expiration in my fridge.

Seasonings: Hoisin Sauce or liquid aminos (or soy sauce), crushed pepper, and veggie bouillon cubes or Better than Bouillon


 Soak noodles in a bowl cold water for about 5 minutes while a pot of water boils.   When the water boils add the noodles to the boil water.  Check them frequently to ensure they don’t get too soft.   Drain the water until its just enough left for your soup bowl.   Add bouillon and other seasonings.  Pour into a bowl.

Bon Apetit

Baked Ravioli

Another favorite of mine when I’m feeling like I want a piece of Italy at home.


1 pack of Kite Hill Ravioli
½ Bag of Fresh Spinach
1 jar of pasta sauce
1 bag of Daiya Mozzarella Cheese
2 Links of Field Roast Italian Sausage
Dried Basil
Garlic Powder

**The Field Roast Sausage and the Daiya cheese shreds were $4 at Wegmans.  The Kite Hill Ravioli was a gift from my neighbor, but it can be purchased at Whole Foods for around $7**


Preheat oven to 450 degrees. I’m lazy, so I microwaved the ravioli in water for a few minutes to soften it up. Next while the ravioli is in the microwave, Pour the spinach into a small baking dish.   Place the softened ravioli on top of the  spinach.  Cover the ravioli and spinach with the tomato sauce.   Sprinkle enough of the cheese on top of the sauce to cover it.  If you like it super cheesy, use the whole bag. Slice the sausage links and place them on top of the cheese.  Sprinkle basil and garlic powder on top and place in the over for 30 minutes or until the cheese is gold and bubbly!

Nom Nom Nom Nom…

Kale & Quinoa Salad Bowl

This is definitely a quick go to meal.


½ pack of Yves Kale & Quinoa Balls
½ Sliced Ripe Avocado
¼ Can of Corn (rinsed and sauteed in a little garlic)
5 or 6 Cherry Tomatoes
¼ Chopped Cucumber
¼ Chopped Bell Pepper
¼ Chopped Red Onion
1 Handful of Spring Mix
1 Handful of Spinach
Salad Dressing of Your Choice

**The Kale & Quinoa Bites were purchased at Wegmans for $5**


Combine everything in a bowl… put salad dressing on top. Dassit!!!


See, cooking doesn’t have to take hours and you don’t have to spend your life in a hot kitchen

**All veggies were purchased at my favorite grocery store… Aldi!**

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