Essential Items in My Daily Routine

I love discovering new products, but there are just some items that are a staple for me.  While I don’t always buy the same brands of these items, I do like to keep them in my routine.

Cleansing Oil

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.12.31 AM.png

If you’ve tried one cleansing oil, you’ve tried them all.  I love using cleansing oil to remove my makeup prior to washing my face.  Currently I’m using this Citrus & Tamanu cleansing oil from Birchrose + Co.

Body Scrub

Coffee Scrub 2

Body scrubs are a major key for me. My skin is so super dry in the winter, so the scrubs help me get rid of the dead dry skin and get my skin back to feeling really soft.  Right now I’m using this Coffee Butter Body Scrub from Blaq Roses.   Coffee scrubs improve the moisture of the skin and with this fickle weather we are having in DC, I need all the moisture I can get!

Body Butter


As I mentioned before, my skin is so dry during during the winter and spring  so a good body butter is a must have.  I like body butters that are whipped and filled with essential oils that hydrate my skin and make it smooth.  Right now I’m using Deame’s Bettah Buttah its really thick and perfect for my dry heels.  I have the Orange Moon scent, but I really want to try the Vanilla Lavender and the Sleep Butter.   Orange Moon has a slight citrusy scent, but I still like to add a few drops of citrus oil to give it a little boost.

Micellar Water

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.55.00 AM

It’s no secret that I love matte lipstick, but it can be extremely hard to get off because of its dryness.  I struggled with removing my lipstick for a while but then I discovered the magical wonders of micellar water. Micellar water gently removes makeup and boosts the hydration of the skin.  Many people have even completely gotten rid of skin cleanser and only use micellar water.   Right now I’m using this one from Dirty Works.  I got this one from TJ Maxx, but you can purchase it at stores like Target, CVS and Walgreens.

Essential Oils


I don’t really use essential oils too often in my daily beauty routine, but I love to keep it in my home.  Boiling essential oils on the stove is something I learned from one of my really good friends (follow her blog The Narrow Way).  Now, when I get home after a long day I love to boil water on the stove and add a few drops of lavender oil to calm myself.  If I’m sick, I like to boil eucalyptus oil to clear my sinuses and help my breathing.  The scent flows through my entire home and I actually find myself using this method instead of lighting candles.  I just have to remember to turn my stove off… Currently I’m using this eucalyptus oil from Thursday Plantation and this lavender oil from It Works.

Hand Lotion

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.41.29 AM.png

I try my best to keep hand lotion on me at all times.  I’m the person that takes the travel size products in hotel rooms home with me just so that I can have lotion in my purse.  I remember one year my mom gave me a bag of hotel lotions as one of my Christmas gifts and I thought it was the best thing ever!  Currently I’m using these hand & body lotions from Leanne Grace.

Coconut Oil

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.49.46 PM.png

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I loooooove coconut oil (I refer to it as BAE).  Coconut oil is good for pretty much everything!  I love using it to cook, wipe my makeup off, oil my hair, fix squeaky door knobs and moisturize my skin.  I promise you there is a jar of cold pressed coconut oil in every area of my home!  GETCHU SOME!!!

Yoga Mat

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.05.42 AM.png

My yoga mat is a huge part of my daily routine.  I love to do early morning yoga on weekends and a nightly stretch right before bed.  It gives me a sense of calm before I begin my day and before I end my night.  I’m blessed to have the option to attend free yoga classes in my neighborhood on Mondays and Saturdays. But when I’m not attending classes I like to do videos on YouTube from my favorite yogi Yoga w/ Adriene.

As I continue clearing the abundance of products in my bathroom I can’t help but notice that I tend to be drawn to the same types of products.  I’m always open to trying new brands of my favorite items so please, don’t hesitate to tell me about products you think I’ll love!

Until Next time…


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