Suffering From a breakout? Your Pillow Case May be the Cause!


Grrrr I’m suffering from major break outs on my cheeks!  Not only do I have an excessive amount of pimples but blackheads are running wild on my face as well.  When I noticed the breakouts I kept trying to figure out what was causing them.  My diet hasn’t been out of control… Its not that time of the month… I was stumped!  But then it dawned on me… I hadn’t changed my pillow case in almost two weeks. Hey, don’t judge me!  I’ve been busy!

Petri Dish of Bacteria!

Pillow cases house a lot of dirt and oil.  Think about it, even though many African American women sleep with some form of head scarf or bonnet on their heads at night, the products we use on our hair seep through the scarf and get on our pillows.  Or when you don’t wash your face before bed guess where that dirt gets trapped…  YOUR PILLOW.   When we sweat at night, its our pillow that absorbs that moisture.

If you’re not washing your pillow case properly, the built up dirt and oil is transferring back to your skin which leads to clogged pores and blemishes.

Acne Fighting Pillowcases?

I remember when I first started bloggingin 2015, a company  reached out to me requesting that I try their acne fighting pillowcase.  They promised that their pillowcases were made from a material that would prevent my skin from breaking out and didnt need to be laundered often.   I declined, because I knew that the material of the pillow case didn’t matter.  What matters is what is how clean our pillow cases are!  Dirt doesnt discirmate on material so even if you use a satin pillow case or even terricloth it will still hold on to dirt and bacteria.

Prevent Breakouts

  1. In order to prevent breakouts you should make sure you are washing your face EVERY night.  I know, its really hard to do this especially on nights when you’ve been out super late and just cant wait to get into bed.  I try to keep a pack of baby wipes by my bed so that I can at least take my makeup off.
  2. Sleep on white pillow cases, I suggest this because its easy to see when its time to wash your pillowcase when its white than it is when its colored.  Once I see a speck of dirt on my pillowcase I know its time to switch it out for a clean one.
  3. Wash your pillowcase frequently.  Dermatoligists suggest pillow cases be washed every two to three days.  If this isn’t feasible,  at least try to wash them once a week.

I’m sure it may have come as a surprise that it could possibly be your pillowcase causing your acne breakouts, but you would be surprised at how one small thing can effect your skin.  So, wash those pillow cases ASAP!

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