How I Cure My Colds… Naturally

Can I give you all a piece of advice?  Never… ever… EVER wish to get sick!  The other day went to my friends job to visit her.  When I went to hug her, she backed away and told me she was sick.  Jokingly… I REPEAT…. jokingly I told her to breathe on me so that I could get sick too. I was only saying that because I wanted a day off of work…   Over the next few days I noticed my nose was running and I had a tickle in my throat but, I pretty much ignored it because I ALWAYS have a runny nose because of allergies.   And then… out of nowhere, it hit me like a TON OF BRICKS…  no voice, sore throat, crusty eyes, nasty cough…  I was going down like Mary J. Blige!  Being sick couldn’t have come at a worse time… not only did Aunt Flow decide to stay longer than normal, but I also  have homework to do, birthday parties to attend, lifetime movies to watch, brunches to eat and… I hate having to miss church!!!!

I absolutely cannot stand taking medicine.  I know medicine has the power to heal the sick and keep people healthy, but the chemicals that are in medicine make me wonder what else medicine is doing to my body.  So, unless I’m about to die or need surgery, I try my best to cure illness holistically.

Calm That Cold

The first thing I do when I’m sick is immediately run to the drug store to get some Coldcalm.  Coldcalm is a homeopathic cold medicine by Boiron.  It works naturally with your body to relieve cold symptoms, and it is a MAJOR KEY *DJ Khaled voice*.  If you take it at the first sign of a cold coming on, it will definitely help keep the symptoms at bay.

Sip the Tea

Tea is already a staple in my daily routine, but when I’m sick I have specific teas I like to drink.  Yogi Tea has some really good teas that are perfect for curing a cold.  Since my throat was sore, I opted for the Throat Comfort tea.  I squeeze fresh lemon in my tea and drop a cough drop in it as well.  The combination definitely helps clear my congestion and sooth my sore throat.

Detox Bath

My friend Nicole is the cold remedy guru!  She always knows what to do to knock a cold out quickly.  She told me about taking a hot bath detox bath with fresh ginger to sweat my cold out. At first I thought she was crazy, but when I tried it and it worked… it became a staple in my cold remedy routine.  Chop up some fresh ginger and wrap it in a cheese cloth (prevents the ginger from getting stuck in the drain), add some Dr. Teal’s Milk Bath and watch the magic work.  You immediately start to see sweat beads form on your body.

Turmeric Cocktail

While I’m taking my detox bath, I like to sip a cocktail of water, fresh lemon, turmeric, pepper, honey and ice (also a Nicole approved remedy).  You can drink it  hot, but since I’m already in a hot bath when I drink it I like to have it over ice.  This helps with breaking the fever that comes along with being sick.

Eucalyptus Oil

My good girlfriend and fellow blogger The Narrow Way  boiling water infused with essential oils on my stove is a part of my daily routine.  Eucalyptus oil is known clearing congestion.  Even when I don’t have a cold, I boil it on my stove to clear my sinuses and to help aid my runny nose issues.

Spice Up Your Life

Anytime I have a cold I try to add a little more spice to my meals.  Although I rarely have an appetite when I’m sick, I try to force myself to eat hot broths and soups until I’m feeling a bit better.  This time I made a homemade version of vegan pho.  I added a ton of Habanero peppers to help aid in clearing my nasal congestion.

Cough Syrup

As stated before,  I don’t like taking traditional medicine.  When my friend Lindsey told me about the healing effects of elderberry syrup.  Its filled with cinnamon, ginger root, orange peel and other vitamin C rich ingredients.  I like to add mine to my hot tea before bed.  It can be taken daily, or if you’re sick you can take a double dose to help fight off cold symptoms.

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