Frugal Hack Friday: Getting Cash for Shopping

I absolutely love getting the max for the minimum.  I typically don’t like to pay full price for anything, unless I absolutely have to have it (starting to happen more than it should).

After watching a video from one of my favorite YouTuber’s Carly Cristman I discovered the concept of earning cash back for your purchases online.   There are multiple websites that allow you to earn cash back for online purchases and they’re all really easy to use.

My favorites are: Honey, Ebates, and Shop

 Earning cash back on your purchases is super easy.  I’ll use Ebates as an example.

Once you’re on the Ebates site, and you’ve created your account (be sure to add your address and choose how you want to receive your cash) I will only be a few clicks away from earning cash back just for shopping!

Next you’ll search for the store I want to purchase from, I chose eBay because there is a piece of furniture I want to purchase.


eBay on Ebates

Now that I’ve found the store I want to purchase from, I can see exactly how much cash back I’ll earn from my purchase,  I can add the store to my favorites and I can see the total cash back EBates users have earned from eBay.

According to the chart below, I’ll earn 1% cash back from my purchase since it falls in the Home and Garden section.  1% doesn’t seem like a lot but it can add up.


Next I just simply click on the section that I want to purchase from on eBay and BAM I’m on my way to earning cash back for my purchase


Ebates then redirects me to the website I’ve chosen (in this case eBay) and I shop as I normally would. The only difference is about 24 hours after you making my purchase I’ll receive an e-mail from Ebates informing me that I’ve earned cash back!

This is not what I earned from eBay, this came from a purchase from

Cashing out is so simple and you don’t have to do anything at all.  You can choose to have a check sent to your home, or you can have it sent to your PayPal account.  I’m terrible at checking my mail so I always opt to have the money sent to me via PayPal. Every three months Ebates will send you a cash back payment with the money that you’ve earned. In order to receive a payment you’ll need to earn the minimum amount of $5.01,  if you’ve earned less than the minimum amount, the funds will be carried over until the next pay out date.

The payout schedule is as follows:


I use Ebates to purchase all kind of items from makeup, to clothes and even household cleaning items.  Since I’m working towards getting out of debt, I put the money I’ve earned from Ebates towards paying off a credit card.  You may think, well 1% or 2% really isn’t a lot of money… BUT last quarter I cashed out with nearly $45 from Ebates.  $45 is a tank of gas for some people, a weeks worth of grocers or even a utility bill.  Check out Ebates and let me know what you think!  I bet you’ll never shop the same way again!

Until next time…


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