Kiko Milano Pure Clean Foam Face Mousse


I’ve been on the hunt for a good deep cleansing paraben free face wash for MONTH!!!  I’m so happy to report I’ve finally found one that works for me.   Since turning 30, my skin has been extremely difficult to deal with.  Some days it’s extremely dry, other day it’s sensitive and every other day it’s an oil factory and I have blackheads popping up all over.

I’ve tried all types of cleansers and nothing has really worked.  About a month ago I was going through my stash of unused products and I pulled out the Pure Clean Foam Face Mousse I purchased from my local KIKO Milano Cosmetics store.

From the first time I used the product I fell in love with it.  The mousse was extremely gentle on my skin and left it feeling squeaky clean.  One pump is just enough to get the job done, but I like to do two pumps because… well my face is kind of big j/k.

The Pure Clean Foam Face Mousse is $12, when I purchased mine they gave me one item free because I purchased 3 other items (reviews to come).  I’m not sure if that was just a temporary promotion or if that is something they offer on a constant basis, either way $12 for a cleanser really isn’t that bad.

Prior to September I had never heard of KIKO Milano.  I had seen it in passing a few times but had never actually been in it and I’ve never heard anyone talk about the brand before.  I have to say I’m impressed and if you are a product junkie on a tight budget, this store is for you.  Lipsticks start at $7 and their skin care line ranges from $4 to $45.  If you’re in the Washington, DC area, there is a KIKO Milano store located in Pentagon City Mall near the NYX and MAC stores. If you don’t have a KIKO Milano Cosmetics store in your area, you can visit their website here.

The only downside to the cleanser is that it can leave your skin feeling a little dry after so you’ll need to make sure you are using a really good hydrating moisturizer when you’re finished with your skin care routine.

I highly recommend the Pure Clean Foam Face Mousse especially if you have oily skin.  Since using it, the amount of blackheads and breakouts on my face has been slim to none!  Check out KIKO Milano Cosmetics and tell me what you think!!

Until next time…

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