My Travel Addiction: I Went to Australia!!!

Thanks to my wonderful friends Chuck and Eric, I was able to spend my Thanksgiving holiday in Australia.   They moved there two years ago and I’ve been promising to visit since they left.  With work and school, and life in general its been really hard to schedule vacations, but last year when they came to visit for Christmas they suggested for me to come during Thanksgiving so I knew I had to make it work.

Australia is such an amazing and EXPENSIVE place to visit.  I’ve struggled with how to write this post because I could seriously write for days about everything we did, but I decided to do a photo diary to show a little bit of what I did while I was down under!!!

My Friends Chuck and Eric welcoming me to Sydney

Of course I had to see the Opera House


We explored and stopped for wine at the Botanical Gardens

I met some pretty cool Aboriginal Warriors at Circular Quay

I couldn’t convince him that I wasn’t from New York

The weather was absolutely lovely so we spent a lot of time doing nature walks and having beach time.



We went to Featherdale Wildlife Park and fed a few animals

I experience a bit of the Australian night life

You can’t visit Sydney and not tour the Opera House



I loved the Anzac and Aboriginal Memorials



Of course I ate some really good food!!! The cafe culture in Sydney is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  We had brunch everyday.


We did a little shopping in China Town

Did you think I would visit Sydney and not buy products to review???  The Korean Beauty scene in Sydney is popping!  I got so many Tony Moly masks for $1.80 which converted to $1.34 USD so I had to stock up! These babies are usually $7.50 at Sephora…. WINNING!!!  Reviews coming soon!!!


I have about a million more pictures but I won’t bore you guys!  I just wanted to share a few tid bits of my trip!  I felt so blessed and humbled to be able to experience such a beautiful country.  I honestly cannot wait to go back and I pray I have the opportunity to do so!

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “My Travel Addiction: I Went to Australia!!!

  1. I have 🙂 I’m from Perth WA, I went to Sydney a few years back. If you enjoyed Sydney, you may just love Melbourne too! It’s one of my all time favourite cities.


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