Frugal Hack: How to Save on Name Brand Nail Products


Beauty products can be pretty expensive, especially nail polish.  I love brands like OPI and Essie, but when you go to stores like Target and Sally the nail polishes can be $10 or more.  If you’re on a budget like me, spending $10 on one nail polish isn’t the best idea nor is it in the budget.  There are a number of ways you can get name brand nail polish without breaking the bank.

Check eBay and Amazon

Many times you can find name brand nail products on Amazon and eBay on the low.  Sometimes the prices will be the same as the prices in the store, but every once in a while you can find products cheaper than in stores.

Nail Supply Stores

For the last few years I’ve been purchasing my nail polish at nail supply stores. These stores are where many nail techs go to get the supplies they need for their businesses.  You can usually find nail products, waxing accessories, lashes and more.  Unlike stores like Cosmo Prof, many nail supply stores are open to the public and not just to licensed professionals Nail supply stores offer the same products you may find in the beauty department at stores, the difference is you get the products at wholesale prices.  For example, OPI at Target is $10 but an OPI nail polish at a nail supply store is usually around $5.  My favorite nail supply stores in the DC area are US Maxim Nail Supply in Falls Church, VA and Maxim Nasia  in Hyattsville, MD.  On a recent trip to US Maxim Nail Supply I purchased a nail primer and bonder from Orly, Chip Skip and the shade Tasmanian Devil from OPI.  My total purchase came to about $23

My $23 purchase from US Maxim Nail Supply

Use Google Shopping

Using Google, type in the product you are searching for and then click the shopping tab.  You’ll be able to compare prices for the product you are looking for on various sites.  Today, I Googled OPI and found out that OPI is on sale at JC Penney.  I also Googled Deborah Lippman, and was able to find 50% select polishes on the Barney’s Warehouse site.

Check Your Local Marshall’s and TJ MAXX

Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have all kinds of discounted beauty products.  I’ve found Butter  nail polish that is regularly $18 at Nordstrom for only $5 at TJ Maxx.  You can score even more low-priced polishes by rummaging through their clearance rack.  Doing this, I’ve found nail polish priced as low as $2.

There’s absolutely no need to break the bank to get name brand nail polish.  Just do a little research, clip coupons, and stop paying full price!

Until next time…

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