La-La Lavender

I feel like I’ve always loved lavender.  I love the color and even the name…  I remember how much I loved it when I read the book “Matilda” for the first time.  She had a best friend at school named Lavender.  Knowing me, I’ll probably end up naming my daughter that.  I once had a lavender lemonade at a tea house in DC and it became my favorite drink.  I keep edible lavender in my apartment now for those days when I want a cool refreshing drink.

My absolute favorite thing about lavender is how soothing and calming it can be at bed time. Lavender is known to produce sedative effects when inhaled, which makes it perfect to use right before bed. Last night, I had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep after being interrupted a few times.  I knew I had to be up really early this morning so I needed every minute of a good nights rest.  So I knew that the combination of a good prayer and lavender oil would do the trick.

The first thing a I used was the Ole Henriksen Lavender Body Oil.  This oil is a perfect after shower oil and it leaves my skin soooo soft.  You can find it Sephora for $28 but, I’m cheap so I only buy it when I see it at TJ Maxx because you can get it for a lot cheaper.


After I showered, I washed my face and dabbed a little bit of the French Lavender Oil from Mullein & Sparrow behind my ears and under my nose.  There really isn’t a difference in the two oils, but I just love that the lavender scent is a lot stronger with this one.  I wanted to use this one under my nose because I wanted to breath in the aroma of the lavender to help soothe me to sleep.  This one is $18 and can be found on the Mullein & Sparrow website.  BUT if you subscribe to Fab Fit Fun, you’ll receive it in your Fall Box


The last thing I did, was spray my pillows with a mixture I made of water and essential lavender oil.  I normally use the Now Foods brand of essential oils, but I only buy it when they are on sale on Groupon!!!

After spraying my pillow, I climbed back in the bed and played around on my phone for a bit.  I’m not sure how long it took me to fall back to sleep but, I remember when I woke up this morning I said to myself “Dang I dont even remember feeling tired.” The lavender did exactly what I needed to do!

Note: These are the just the products I used last night,  I also love the Lavender  & Plantain Bottom Balm by Cocolene and the 365 Lavender Lotion from Whole Foods.

What are your favorite lavender scented products?

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