My Favorite Trader Joe’s Items

Around this time last year, my obsession with natural grocery stores like Trader Joe’s started.  Before last year, I only shopped at these types of stores whenever I happened to be near one since they’ve always been in places that weren’t really close to where I lived.  When I moved last summer, I found myself being close to two Trader Joe’s locations and it has totally changed my life!

I shop at Trader Joe’s every Saturday morning, I always think its funny when I get in my car and my phone alerts me that it will only take me 5 minutes to get to my closest Trader Joe’s location.  I try to get there right when they open so that I can beat the crowd. I love that the employees are always super happy and they have a policy that if you don’t like what you bought, bring it back and they’ll refund you your money! No receipt needed!!

I always find the best stuff at Trader Joe’s.  Their unique product selection allows me to get super creative with my meals which is necessary since not eating meat can be so mundane.

Here are few of my favorite’s:

Cookie Butter


I love love love the cookie butter! It’s pretty much the same as Biscoff Spread, but Trader Joe’s offers different varieties of it like cocoa, cookies & creme and pumpkin (during the fall).  I love putting it on their Butter Waffle Cookies.

Butter Waffle Cookies


And speaking of Butter Waffle Cookies… these things here are crack! Easy dessert recipe: spread cookie butter on a cookie, top with a strawberry and whipped cream… SO BOMB!!!

Soy Chorizo


You seriously cannot tell this isn’t really meat! Its great when mixed into scrambled eggs.  I always pair it with cilantro eggs and fried habanero potatoes…. nom nom nom! It’s also really good with the Red Split Lentils from TJ’s

Lobster Ravioli


These are really easy to make and taste really good too! Although the instructions say to boil them first, I put mine in a baking dish; cover with sauce; add fresh whole mozzerella and a little basil and season with garlic salt.  Bake until golden bubbly at 400 degrees and BAM that’s dinner for a few days (if you’re single).

Cinnamon Apple Sticks


These are perfect for kids and adults!  They really taste like apple jacks.  Look inside my purse or lunchbox and I guarantee you’ll see a sandwich bag filled with these.

Cheddar & Horse Radish Chips


If you don’t like spice, then these aren’t for you!  These chips are made with aged cheddar and horseradish and they are amazing! I love pairing mine with a good vegetarian BLT… Yummers!

Mango Lemonade


I’m not a big juice person, but this juice is so awesome.  It’s really good when paired with wine.  I’ve even made a mango kiwi sangria with it a few times.

Almond Creek Almond Sparkling Wine


Think about if an Amaretto Sour ran into a bottle of sparkling wine and that’s what you have here.  This makes excellent mimosas or it can just be drank on its own.  Either way, its a staple in my home and the first thing I volunteer to bring if someone hosts a brunch!

This isn’t even half of the products I love at Trader Joe’s, I could seriously go on and one about what I like from there.  What are some of your favorite products from Trader Joe’s?

Until next time…


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