Marc Beauty Glow Stick Review


Influenster sure does know how to treat their influencers! I was too excited when I was notified that I would receive the Marc Beauty Glow Stick to test and review.  I’ve always wanted to try Marc Beauty products but me being a bargainista, I’ve yet to find a way to get it at a discounted rate.  So you can imagine how excited I was to find out I would be able to try a product from their line for FREE!!!

After receiving the Marc Beauty Glow Stick in the mail from Influenster, I didn’t think it would actually work out for me.  I’m a beautiful brown girl, and the color of the glow stick was very light and iridescent, I was expecting it to be a bit more bronzy.  I definitely didn’t think it would look good on my skin, and thought it would be a better fit for someone that was bit… mmmm  lighter than me (being politically correct here).


On the day I decided to finally try the product, I also decided to use another product I received from Influenster, the Lumene Bright Now Shine Control Serum.  The serum is used to minimize large pores and control oil by giving the skin a mattified look.  This duo together is excellent for ladies like me with extremely oily skin.

Lumene Bright Now

So back to this Glow Stick situation… Of course me being me, I didn’t read the instructions on how to apply the product and I assumed I was supposed to apply it by just using the stick on the areas I wanted to Illuminate… WRONG!  You’re supposed to use a small brush, I used my smallest Artis style brush and applied the product on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.


I then blended the product using a Beauty Blender, and after letting it set for a bit, I lightly went over it with the Studio Pro Matte Finish Powder from BH Cosmetics.  To set it, I used the Hydrate & Mist spray from Pur.

Hydrate & Mist Spray

I was extremely happy with my results, and was excited at how well it went with my skin tone.  Oh, did I mention this was my first time using an illuminator???


I may be biased, but I seriously think this is the best highlighter EVER!!!! Head over to Sephora to get your Marc Beauty Glow Stick!!!

Until next time…

disclaimer: I received this product free from influenster for testing purposes.

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