Buyer Beware: Imitation Essential Oils


I have had a love for essential oils since 2013 when I stopped getting relaxers.  I loved infusing my whipped shea butters and hair cocktails with essential oils like almond, avocado, lavender, jojoba and tea tree.   At the time I started using essential oils  I was purchasing them at Whole Foods and paying $10 or more for each bottle.  Then, I thought I had discovered an easy way out.  I went to TJ Maxx and found some jasmine “essential oil” and it was only $3.  I thought it was too good to be true, it turns out it was!

Due to the high demand of essential oils, many stores are now selling oils that have been cut with synthetics and other chemicals and labeling them as “essential oils”.  Its extremely important to read the label of what you are buying to prevent being scammed by the essential oil label.

How to Tell if its Fake:

  1. Price – Many stores selling imitation essential oils have extremely low prices.  But oils like rose, jasmine, lemon balm and chamomile should always be expensive.  If you find one for $3 chances are its probably cut with synthetics.
  2. The Name – When purchasing essential oils, check to see that the latin name for the plant it derives from is listed.  If you’re buying rose oil, look for rosa damascena  to be listed on the label
  3. How its Harvested – Essential oils come from plants, so its important that they not be treated with any pesticides and are organic.  Check to make sure “wild crafted”  or “USDA Organic” have been listed on the bottle you plan to purchase.  Both of these phrases confirm that the oil has been harvested in the wild and have not been touched by chemicals

In today’s world, so much is hidden from us about whats really in the products we are using, don’t be afraid to question everything and read the label.  Your life depends on it!

Until next time…

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