Skin Care While Traveling

Summer is near… Even though the weather on the East Coast hasn’t gotten the memo! And with Summer comes long road trips and even longer fights. Here are a few tips for caring for your skin while on the go
1. NO MAKEUP! When flying, the recycled air on the plane makes your skin dry and dehydrated. Having a full face of makeup on only makes things worse
2. Pack on the moisturizer. Keep your skin from dehydrating by applying a thick layer of moisturizer. I like to use C Cream from @hsn because it’s super oily and infused with Vitamin C and other oils. If you have oily skin you don’t need much. Runs for $36
3. Drink lots of water. Alcohol, coffee and soda makes the skin even more dehydrated. So stay hydrated with H2O during your journey 

4. When you arrive at your destination wash and tone your skin to get it back to its natural ph 

5. Apply a detoxifying mask. Get rid of impurities by detoxifying your skin. I like to use the Black Sugar Charcoal scrub from @freemanbeauty it runs for about $4 at Ulta and CVS
6. Exfoliate your entire body. Using a good body scrub can get the blood cells flowing and prevent post-flight bloat. 

What are you favorite tips for your skin while traveling? 

3 thoughts on “Skin Care While Traveling

    1. Great question! Toner restores your skins pH after cleansing, it shrinks your pores, prevents ingrown hairs, moisturizers and adds a layer of protection to your skin. It can help with cleansing too. A lot of times if I’m too tired to do a full cleanse I’ll put toner on a tissue and lightly wash my face before bed. It definitely helps get the deep down dirt. This inspired me to do a new post on the importance of toner. Thanks boo


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