Sleeping Beauty… The Effects of Sleeping with Makeup On


My schedule is so hectic some days, last Sunday was one of my busiest days. I had church, brunch plans, family to visit in the hospital, grocery shopping…. yea thats not even all of it.  I’m still trying to understand how people are able to keep it together when it comes to hectic schedules, but thats a whole different post.  Anywho by the time I had gotten home that night it was nearly 9:00 and I was beat.  I barely could make it to my couch I crashed as soon as I landed.  What I intended to be a 20 minute power nap turned into a full nights sleep.  I knew I was wrong, falling asleep with a full face of makeup is the ultimate no no!!!

If you think that one night of sleeping with makeup on won’t do damage to your skin, you are sadly mistaken.  When I woke up the next morning I had multiple blackheads all over my chin and cheeks.  This usually occurs when I sleep with makeup or don’t thoroughly clean off my makeup the night before.

There are several things that happen when we don’t take our makeup off at night…

  1. Your run the risk of eye infection – forgetting to remove eye makeup dryness and irritation, which can lead to infection
  2. Skin aging – for every night makeup is not removed, our skin ages by two days.
  3. Breakouts – leaving foundation on can lead to clogged pores and major breakouts
  4. Dry skin – failure to remove makeup can create a barrier that can block your beloved moisturizer from penetrating your skin, leaving the skin patchy and dry

To remove my makeup on a typical night, I use coconut oil and a facial tissue (literally melts the makeup right off of my face).  I also like to wash my face with Dr. Bronners Green Tea Castile Oil Soap or the Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil  from Julep its $28 so it is a bit pricey, if you are a Julep Maven you can get it cheaper when the secret store opens up. I also like to use my new obsession, Micellar Water to remove tough products like matte lipstick and kohl eye liner.

Sometimes it can be hard to get the energy to remove makeup, especially after a long night where partying may or may not have been involved *exit sarcasm*.  One habit that I try to maintain when I have a late night is to keep a box of baby wipes ( I don’t believe in makeup wipes) near my bed.  This way, even when I’m super tired I can quickly remove my makeup with a wipe so that I don’t do any damage to my skin or pillow cases!

What products do you use to remove your makeup?



10 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty… The Effects of Sleeping with Makeup On

  1. I remove my makeup with Dermalogica’s pre cleanse. It’s An amazing product! Check out my blog
    Thanks love

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes!! I swear its amazing. I used it on clients with all different skin types when I was in beauty school 😊


  2. Hey, I am Jem. I really like your blog it’s really unique, and oh boy we all have slept with makeup on at least ounce, haha. I also have a blog, it’s called their voice, and it focuses on animal cruelty and how to put an end to it, so if you are interested feel free to go check it out, I will leave the link down below. Thanks, and great stuff you got here.


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