Go Matte!!! But, Take Care of Your Lips


I absolutely LOVE matte lipstick.  Many of you probably remember when I purchased 35 matte lipsticks back in January.  The madness hasn’t stopped with me purchasing matte lipstick, as I’ve recently jumped on the ColourPop Cosmetics bandwagon.  Their Ultra Matte Lippies are LIFE!!!  Even though I’m obsessed with matte lipstick, there is a downside to the wearing the chic and sassy product… Matte lippies can be damaging to your skin on the lips!!!

Regular lipstick typically has three main ingredients: wax, pigment and oil.  With matte lipstick the amount of wax and pigment is increased and the amount of oil is decreased which gives the lipstick that flat and dry look causing it to be matte.  The oil is what keeps your lips moisturized, so if the oil is decreased in the product it leaves our lips less moisturized and can cause the lips to be chapped, dry and many times sore due to cracking.

Its important to take care of your lips if you are an avid user of matte lipstick (ME!!!).  Since matte lipstick can leave your lips dry and cracked, moisturizing and exfoliating your lips regularly is vital.  When I use matte lipstick, there are three things that I make sure i do just about every night.

  1. Remove my lipstick with Micellar Water (some matte lip products are a bit harder to remove because of the lack of oil)
  2. Exfoliate my lips using a homemade mixture of honey and coconut palm sugar to remove the dry layer of skin on my lips (regular sugar is fine)
  3. Moisturize my lips using medicated lip balm or tea tree oil

Keeping this regimen has allowed my lips to stay soft and moisturized, but the moment I forget to do my routine, my lips go right back to feeling like sand paper!

Fortunately there are many matte lipstick collections that do not cause dry and chapped lips. These product have a bit more oil in them, allowing lips to maintain moisture  Here are a few that I like:

Remember, men don’t want to kiss a woman with sand paper lips…  So ladies, take care of whats under your lipstick!!!  What are some ways your keep your lips from feeling the effects of matte lipstick?

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