Mario Badescu – Ceramide Eye Gel


I never realized how important it is to care for the skin around our eyes.  A few years ago I was in Nordstrom buying a Clarisonic and I struck up a conversation with the sales associate about my skin care routine.  I told her what products I was using and she asked a question that stumped me.  “What do you use to care for your eyes?”  Never once had I ever considered caring for the skin around my eyes because I always thought that it was something I would do when I saw crows feet forming, or noticed puffiness around my eyes. Turns out, its never too early to start caring for the skin around our eyes.

The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate, and as we age the skin becomes thinner because of the breakdown of collagen.  The skin around our eyes can also become thinner due to smoking, sun exposure and other environmental factors.   The skin around our eyes has elasticity similar to a rubber band.  Just like a rubber band constant tugging and pulling cause the elasticity to break down.  Our eyes are moved 10,000 times a day by just blinking alone.  But think about how many times we rub our eyes during the day, smile, laugh, frown and make other facial expressions.  All of these effect the elasticity of the skin around our eyes, so its vital that we use some form of moisturizer, serum or gel that contain herbal extracts to keep the skin around our eyes looking picture perfect.

The Ceramide Eye Gel by Mario Badescu is packed with herbal extracts  and ceramides to help relieve tired and puffy eyes as well as keeping the elasticity of our our eyes in tact.  Its lightweight and greaseless so it won’t clog your pores.  One of my favorite ways to use it is to store it in the refrigerator as a way to refresh my eyes the morning after a long night.  You can find it at stores like Ulta, Nordstrom, Blue Mercury and Urban Outfitters for just $18!


I’ve been using this product for about years now and I absolutely love it!  Try it out and let me know what you think.   What products are you using to care for the skin around your eyes?


Until next time lovies….


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