L’Oreal #Extraordinaryhair Review

Extraordinary hair

Even though I don’t have much hair on my head these days, I do take care of the few strands that I do have.  My scalp tends to be very dry so its important for me to wash and condition my hair almost daily to keep the dry and flaky skin at bay.

I was really excited to try out the Extraordinary Oil line from L’Oréal.  Especially because keeping my hair oiled has always been a huge struggle for me even when I did have longer hair.  I had the pleasure of trying out the Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner and Lustrous Oil serum (my favorite of the three).  This line is perfect for dry and lifeless hair.  While my hair is VERY dry, it does give life so don’t get it twisted!  The great thing about the Extraordinary Hair collection is that the products are all infused with a complex of coconut, argan, sunflower, chamomile, amla and soja! All essential in keeping ones hair nourished and oiled without weighing it down.

When it comes to my hair, I’m EXTREMELY picky about the shampoos and conditioners that I choose, mainly because I have natural hair (4c texture), and if you have natural hair you know that everything isn’t for everybody.

Due to my tightly coiled hair, it sometimes can be tough to find a shampoo that gets into the nitty gritty of my hair and leaves it feeling squeaky clean.  The Nourishing Shampoo did exactly that.  While washing my hair I was amazed at how the soap quickly lathered and removed the dirt.  It really only took one good shampoo to get my hair clean.  Once I finished, I could hear the squeaking (love that sound) as I towel dried it.

The conditioner was pretty great as well.  I mixed it with some avocado and sat with a makeshift show cap on my head to let the conditioner penetrate deep into the roots of my hair.  Upon rinsing it, my hair was super soft and my itty bitty curls looked more plump than usual.

My absolute favorite product from this line is the Lustrous Oil!  It’s soooooooooo thick and extremely effective on my hair.  Just a few pumps are good enough to keep my normally dry hair oiled through the whole day.   Unlike many other serums, this one didn’t weigh my hair down.  My curls were still plump and light and there was no left over sticky residue from the serum.

It typically takes three weeks to know whether or not a new product is working for you, but with this collection, I knew within a few short days that this product was perfect for me.  And now that I have gone back to my Amber Rose cut, I’m still in love with the products for keeping my scalp clean and free from flakes and dryness!  Dear L’Oréal you get two thumbs up from this Product Junkie!!!

(I received this product free from L’Oréal for testing purposes.)


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