My Back is Aching My Bra Too Tight!


Ya’ll know I looooooooove YouTube. I get excited when any of my favorite subscribers post a new vlog or tutorial (see my favorite YouTubers here).   Recently Nitraa B did a video titled “All about Bras”). Definitely a must see for all women! She talked about caring for your bras, where to buy them, how to get measured and other topics related to bras.   Before watching the video I honestly thought Ummm I’ve been wearing a bra since I was 9 I’m pretty sure I know everything I need to know about them.” WRONG!!! Because I would soon find out that I along with 80% of the women in the US have been wearing the wrong size bra!

A few weeks ago at the suggestion of my mother and right after watching Nitraa B’s video, I went to get my bra size measured. For years I automatically assumed I was a 36 C. After going to my local Lane Bryant, I discovered that I couldn’t have been more wrong about my bra size. Boy I was off by quite a bit, because after working with the sales associate I found out that my size was…. WAIT FOR IT… A 42 DDD. Yep I had been wearing the wrong bra size for many many years.

After buying two VERY expensive bras my life changed.   My back pains that I was experiencing stopped, I don’t have any shoulder pain and my bras covered up my fat rolls in the back (just keeping it 100 with y’all) which made my clothes look a lot better.  I currently take a class that forces me to really look at how I present myself, and believe it or not under garments like bras and panties even came up in a class discussion.  As women, it is extremely important that we take time to educate ourselves on our clothing whether its visible or not. Studies show that women that wear the wrong bra can subject themselves to experiencing many health issues such as: deformed breast shape, bad posture, scars on the skin, blocked lymph nodes  and many other issues.

I highly suggest that each of you take the time to get fitted for the right bra. Your breast size is probably a lot bigger than what you actually think they are. Just look at what happened to me, I was off by 2 cup sizes and let’s not get started on how off I was with the band size SMH!  Getting fitted not only made me look better, but it also made me feel better about myself.

While bras are definitely an investment, I understand that for some, spending $80 on a bra is just not feasible , so here are a few helpful tips for after you get measured:

  • Don’t feel obligated to buy a bra from the same place you get measured, take your measurements to another store that is in your price range
  • Keep an eye out for sales, stores like Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood always have some kind of deal going on. February is always a good time to buy bras because of Valentines Day! Mark your calendar for semi annual sales at these stores as well
  • These days, there are all kinds of discount sites that offer inexpensive intimate apparel. Off Duty Intimates is an excellent site that offers bras that start at just $4.99 and they beyond a D cup!
  • Check out Groupon and No More Rack, you will certainly be surprised at what you find here

Oh, and I also understand how intimidating it can be to show your body to a complete stranger, so if you are uncomfortable with getting measured by a professional you can do it yourself using these instructions from Real Simple

Have you gotten measured and found out you were wearing the wrong size?  I’d love to hear about your experience!


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