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When I was on my way back home from my trip to Nashville for Thanksgiving, I mistakenly left my eyeglasses on the seat of the plane I was on. Once I realized my specs were gone, I immediately notified Southwest Airlines personnel but they claimed they couldn’t find my glasses (insert eye roll here).   If you’re visually impaired like me, you know how detrimental it is to lose your eyeglasses.   That’s a pretty expensive mistake.

My funds were limited at the time due to a little too much Black Friday shopping ($20 boots at Belk and Macy’s… girllll that’s a deal so of course I bought all of them!) and having to spend $200 on a new pair of frames just wasn’t an option. After talking to one of my classmates and telling her about my dilemma, she told me about Zenni Optical!

Zenni Optical is a godsend for bargainistas like me; their frames start at just $6.95. At first I thought $6.95 for a pair of glasses? LIES! So I tried it out for myself and it was the real deal!!!

You can get your frames from Zenni Optical in just a few steps steps:

  1. Pick your frames
  2. Plug in your prescription
  3. Add any extras (polarized lenses, anti glare, etc.) note: fees may apply
  4. Check out

I opted for a basic pair of clear cat eye frames, since my funds were limited I didn’t add any features. My total came to about $12 after paying the shipping and handling fees.

It took about a week for my frames to come in the mail, I must say that was the LONGEST WEEK EVER!!!! Once my frames arrived they were pretty much perfect. They were a tad bit tight on my face but I was able to adjust it. They also came in a cute box with a cleansing cloth (vital accessories for eyeglass wearers).


Despite what online reviews say, I’m very happy with my experience with Zenni Optical, and I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!

Check out Zenni Optical for yourselves and let me know what you think!


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