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I was on the phone with my cousin a few days ago while rummaging through my empty makeup containers.  She couldn’t understand why I was working so hard to find what she considered to be garbage.  I asked her “Girl don’t you keep your empty MAC containers?” She quickly answered “Nah I throw them in the trash.” *FACE PALM AND FAINTS* I could not believe my ears!!!  How could she throw away free makeup??? Then I realized there must be other people out there that don’t know that empty MAC containers equal free lipstick! So, I feel its my duty as a product junkie to share this tid bit of information

Back-to-MAC is a recycling program that was implemented by MAC Cosmetics as a way to be committed to preserving our environment.  Consumers are encouraged to trade in their empty containers so that they can be recycled, and as an incentive they get a free lipstick in return (value of $18).  If you’re a bargainista like me, then free lipstick is right up your alley.

How Does it Work? 

It’s easy as 1-2-3.  Simply save your empty MAC containers (I usually put mine in a bin under my sink) once you get six, take the containers to your local MAC counter.  Trade the containers in for a lipstick of your choice (There may be stipulations that come along with limited release collections).  Some counters have even allowed me to trade my containers in for an eyeshadow, but I like lipstick better.

Note: Lipsticks received via the Back-to-MAC program cannot be returned or exchanged 

Save those containers guys and dolls!  Then let me know what color lipstick you end up with!


11 thoughts on “Back to MAC

    1. I probably only do this about once a year. But sometimes I luck up and find empty containers on the street which helps me get my 6 containers really quickly. Anoher thing you can try to do is befriend someone that works at MAC they can’t use the back to MAC program if they are an employee so they may be willing to give you their extra containers they have at home.


  1. it takes me forever to finish a lipstick…but i guess i could put them into pots instead of keeping them in the tube and trade them in…i think i have six…i might do that


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