US Ban on Microbeads… Big Step in Saving Our Enviroment


For years many of us have used products containing microbeads in our daily beauty routine.  I distinctly remember those “Clean & Clear and under control” commercials promoting how microbeads helped get rid of dirt that went deep down into pores.  Microbeads have a reputation for being a major key in exfoliation.  The beads are also used in toothpastes and deodorants.  Now, President Barack Obama has signed a bill to ban microbeads in the US.

The decision to ban microbeads comes after many years of of reminders from environmentalists, as well as some pretty hard hitting research by scientists proving that microbeads are having a pretty detrimental effect on our environment because they do not dissolve (not biodegradable).  In fact, in 2015 researchers from University of California Davis and Oregon University published a research paper  reporting that approximately 8 TRILLION microbeads enter streams and oceans in the US daily.  These 8 trillion microbeads only account for 1% of the total microbeads that are discarded.

The other 99% of the microbeads make their way into sewage.   Sewage is often turned into fertilizer which, is then used to grow our crops.  The beads often make their way into the stomachs of animals.  Its almost like a vicious cycle.  Who knows how many microbeads we have consumed ourselves.

Although the Microbead Free Waters Act was signed in 2015, manufacturers have until 2017 to eliminate microbeads from their products.

As stated before, we have been told for years that microbeads led to better results in hygiene, and now we are being told that they can have a toxic effect on our environment and the health of humans as well as animals. How many other things are we using and consuming that are harmful to our bodies and our environment?  It is important that we all start to question everything!  Read the labels of what we are putting into and on our bodies, not just with our foods but also with our cleaning supplies and hygiene products.  If you can’t pronounce two or more of the ingredients in your products, then chances are you shouldn’t be using it.    Research how these things can effect our environment and our bodies.  Check out the documentary Chemerical which displays the effects many of the products we use have on our bodies.

While I’m excited about this major step in protecting our environment, I’m pondering how long it will take the US to put a ban on genetically modified foods…

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