The Try Dry Experience

This month Influenster teamed up with Unilever to bring their subscribers the “Try Dry Experience”. This month, a few lucky subscribers (Me) got to try out Dove’s new Dry Spray.
First let me say this.  I am a sweater.  I sweat sooooooooooooooo much.  I mean its ridiculous.  Ok I’m exagerating but to me, even if I wear an antipersprant I am sweating under my arms.  I am plus sized so  I sweat a lot anyway in the folds of my skin.  But that is a whole seperate post.  

I’ve been using the Dove Dry Spray for over a week and…  I LOVE IT!  Its definitely going to be on my list of favorite products.  I can literally go two days without wearing deodorant and I still will smell fresh.  I love that just a tiny spray goes a long way.  I also love that it doesn’t stain and it dries almost instantly. 

Dove dry spray can be purchased at Target for just $5.49, not bad for a product thats going to last a few months. 

Have you guys tried Dove’s Dry Spray?  Tell me what you think!

Until next time lovies…

Note:  I received this complimentary item for testing purposes.  All opinions are completely my own.

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