Skin Care Routine Using Items You Already Have At Home… And Some You Don’t

Sometimes when I ask people about their skin care routine, they tell me they don’t have one because they can’t afford one.  Now that my friends is what is called… a load of poo!  A skin care routine definitely does not have to be expensive.  In fact, there are many drug store products that can be used annnnnnnnnnnnnnd there are also many products you already have at home that can be used in your skin care routine as well!  

Here are my tips for an inexpensive skin care routine:

1. Cleansing 

I like to use Noxema Classic Clean.  Its really inexpensive and it works great.  A standard jar can last at least two months.  You can purchase Noxema at any drug store and sometimes you can find it at any drug store and many grocery stores carry it too.  It usually runs for about $4.

2. Exfoliating

Baking Soda is an excellent exfoliator.  Its inexpensive and usually everyone already has it in their home.  Just take a few teaspoons and rub it on your damp skin.  the coarseness of the baking soda will gently give your skin a deep clean removing all dirt and oil from your skin. Baking soda can be purchased starting at $0.75 you can’t beat that!

3. Toning

Apple Cider Vinegar is like a magical potion that was sent down from heaven to cure all ailments and enhance our beauty.  ACV can be used to replace many beauty products.  ACV can even be used to tone your skin and set it back to its PH after cleasning and exfoliating. Just pour a little on a cotton ball and rub all over.  Since ACV is potent, you may want to dilute it with a little water first so that its not too harsh on your skin.  ACV can be purchased at any grocery store.  I prefer unfiltered ACV because its organic.  That usually runs about $3  or $4 but it lasts for months. 

4. Moisturizing

Now this one should be no surprise to you guys because you know I loooooooooooooooooooooove Coconut Oil.  Coconut oil can be used for pretty much anything.  Cooking, hair care, relationship issues… Coconut oil is the cure for everything.  Take a fingerfull of coconut oil and rub it on your hands and BAM you have a good skin moisturizer to end your skin care routine.  Coconut oil is probably the most expensive product on this list because it runs anywhere between $6 and $20.  Sometime you can go to stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx and find it on the clearance aisle.

Voila!!! You just got a whole skin care routine for under $20!  So get rid of the idea that you can’t afford a skin care routine because you can!

Until next time lovies…

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