Skin Care On the Inside

Last summer, I was taking a medicine called Phentermine. It’s meant to suppress your appetite. While it works, the side effects that come along with it are terrible (for some). The worst side effect I experien while taking phentermine was the cystic acne.  Everyday I was finding a huge knot of a pimple on my face.  I remember watching one closely  in the mirror one morning and I could actually see it forming.  They were all over my face and it was extremely painful.  I had no idea how to treat cystic acne since it’s basically pimples that form under your skin.

Cystic acne happens when the infection from a pimple goes deep into your skin.  It causes the development of a red bump that is filled with pus. Cystic acne itches but it also really hurts.  The worst thing about cystic acne is that if a cyst bursts, it can cause the infection to spread which causes more pimples to form.

After doing some research I learned that that cystic acne can be treat with prescription medicine such as Accutane  and birth control.  For me I did not choose this option because Accutane is known for having sever side effects and I choose not to take birth control for personal reasons.  This lead to me finding out how to treat cystic acne using other methods.  I decided my first step would be to take care of my skin from the inside.  

1. I switched my white sugar for coconut palm sugar.  It’s a bit expensive, but it has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.  Sugar in our diet spikes blood sugar levels which has a direct effect on hormones.  This can lead to the development of cystic acne

2. I started taking vitamins that promoted healthy skin. Daily I take a multivitamin, hair skin and nail vitamin and I take fish oil vitamins.  Many vitamins and supplements like Vitamin C act as an antioxidant and keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

3.  I said goodbye to dairy.  This one was hard for me because I love cheese.  I switched to vegan cheese and started drinking soy milk and eating dairy free yogurt. This is an expensive addition to my diet but it’s worth it because my skin has changed dramatically as a result of it. Dairy can cause major hormonal imbalances.  These imbalances can cause the over growth of sebum, this leads to cystic acne and other skin conditions. 

It was amazing to me how much my skin changed just by changing a few things in my diet.  Within a matter of weeks I noticed less breakouts and that my cystic pimples were shrinking in size.  Now, this may not work for everyone but it did work for me.  If you are experiencing cystic acne I encourage you to do your research and see how changing your diet may change your skin.

Until next time lovies…

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