My YouTube Addiction

Last summer, one of my good girlfriends turned me on to Vlogs and Channels  on YouTube.  For those that don’t know, a Vlog is a Video Blog.  Its basically a way to follow every day people in their daily lives… kind of like Facebook but on video.  Anywho, since last summer I’ve pretty much been obsessed with them.  It started off with my just following one Channel and then that quickly turned me into a YouTube monster! I started of watching Vicky Logan because I loved her monthly favorite videos.  Then a few months ago she and her “YouTube Sisterhood” took a trip to LA for Generation Beauty  and they all did Vlogs documenting their trip.  So then of course I had to watch all of the Youtube Sisterhood LA Vlogs.  So of course I subscribed to them and then YouTube suggested more Channels and then my obsession grew even  more. 
My obsession  got so bad that I even stopped watching regular TV because I was too busy watching video after video on YouTube.  I felt like I had to watch every video each vlogger had (crazy  I know).  They all have so many good points and topics to discuss and I can’t help but watch EVERYTHING.
I decided to list my favorite YouTube channels for my subscribers because I have to share the wealth… I love these ladies and I think you guys will too.
 She’s a shopaholic just like me, so I love when she does her Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works and other shopping hauls.  She also has a series called “From House to Home” which shows the way she decorates the home she and her husband just purchased.  When it comes to home décor, I feel we have similar tastes so I got a lot of inspiration from her when it came to decorating my new apartment.  She is also a product junkie so I look forward to her monthly favorites and  GRWM (get ready with me) videos.
She’s a part of the YouTube Sisterhood I mentioned earlier.  Her weekly vlog “Ray’s Week” chronicles her weekly events.  She’s funny and extremely down to earth.  I feel like I never know what I’m going to get from her and she always keeps her subscribers on their toes.  I love her product reviews and her weave/wig videos make me wish I had hair!  Her sense of style is pretty cute too.

Out of everyone, she has to be my favorite.  Reason #1 is her faith, I love how much she adds her faith to her videos. For me, its a big deal because when it comes to my faith I’ve made some huge decisions that many young adults don’t understand.  So, its really inspiring when I find others that are on the same path as me. She does segments called “Vicky Vibes” where she discusses whats on her mind while she does her makeup for the day.  Everyone once in a while she’ll add a friend to the mix.  She does product reviews, shopping hauls and she and her husband have a cute vlog they post on Thursdays “Life with the Logan’s” its so cute watching their marriage grow.  They are newlyweds and they really inspire single people like me to wait for their perfect mate. Oh and she’s silly, just like me and who doesn’t love a silly girl!

I love her!  She posts all kinds of things from how to decorate your Erin Condren planner and how to budget for school to GRWM and favorite products.  She’s the reason I spent $40 on a freaking life planner… so worth it though. She does “Honeybee Hangouts” where she answers questions and gives advice on how to do things and handle certain situations which is always a plus.  She is the person that turned me onto doing surveys for extra cash on (I’ll do an in depth post about it at a later date)

This chick is hilarious! I’m not just saying that because I’ve known her for more than half of my life. Unlike the rest of my favorites she doesn’t really talk about her favorite products or anything like that but, she chronicles her life and silly decisions in short videos.  Her most recent post about eating three donuts while she’s on a diet will leave you in tears.  The in your face approach she uses will have you cracking up for hours!
If I could be any youtuber I would probably be her (I’d keep my brown skin though).  I love her sense of style, her apartment, her dogs, her makeup collection, her closet… ok I just love everything.  She’s so super down to Earth and so funny.  She’s not afraid to be super weird and silly on camera and I love that.  I feel like so many of vloggers of the YouTube don’t show their real personalities so its refreshing when I find people that do.  I feel like many of the products she uses can be used on all skin shades so I don’t mind at all that she’s not a person of color.  
If you all happen to check them out, let me know what you think.   
Until next time lovies….

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