Look Ma, No Hands

One of the hardest things for me to do is to not touch my face.  For years my mother has told me to keep my hands out of my face, but I’ve never been able to master that concept.

Our hands are one of the most germ infested parts of our body.  We touch EVERYTHING.  When you stop and really think about how many times you touched a door that someone else touched right after they sneezed.  Or what about when you drop a book on the ground, have you ever thought about how many times someone may have peed in that very same spot???  Lets face it,whether we mean to or not, we touch a lot of unsanitary things throughout the day.

When you think about the amount of germs that reach our hands daily you can understand why its important to keep our faces hands free!

I’ve listed a few fun facts (or gross facts) about touching your face:

Bumpy Roads:
 While touching your face doesn’t cause Acne, it certainly does not help it.  Our hands are dirty, dirty hands equal bacteria.  Bacteria from your hands can cause the bumps on your skin to become infected which could lead to the acne spreading and causing serious skin damage.

Oil or Sweat?
The oil in our skin is produced by the sebaceous gland.  The sebaceous gland resides in a pore that contains a hair follicle.  Now, to the naked eye that hair can’t be seen but trust me its there.  People that tend to have more oily skin tend to sweat a bit more.  Since our hands dont have sebaceous glands, what we percieve to be oil on our hands is actually… sweat!  Touching your face with sweaty hands can actually cause further breakouts and cause your skin to feel much more oily than it really is.

Picky Picky

Touching your face usually leads to picking at your face.  Picking is probably one of the worst habits to have and to break.  As stated in my previous post i used to be obsessed with picking blackheads and popping pimples.  This nasty habit can lead to skin infections, acne scarring and other skin conditions like cystic acne and sometimes the damage caused by picking cannot be reversed.

Bad Habits Are Hard to Break!
Touching your face is an extremely hard habit to break,  even as I’m typing this I’ve touched my face a few times.  If you can’t break the habit then try to keep your hands clean.  Keep antibacterial gels like Purell close by.  I keep Wet Ones in my purse.  Wash your hands to at least 20 seconds before and after you use the restroom.   Keep your cell phone clean, our hands are dirty and we touch our cell phones a million times a day.  Many of our breakouts are caused by the oil that is transferred from our hands to our phones and then to our faces.   Also,  keep those pillow cases clean!  Change your pillow case every few days. I’ve heard a lot about acne fighting pillow cases but… I can’t recommend anything I have not reviewed myself.

What are your methods for breaking bad habits?

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